For Donna with love and hugs

For my friend Donna of Brynwood needleworks post yesterday saying that her beloved Welsh Corgi Fezzik had died. Being an owner of two furry children myself , I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. Fezzik had become part of my blogging family and as such weeks ago  I had made some digital art of him to send to Donna.. but like most things in life, it sat in my computer waiting to be emailed to Donna.. Half of me wanted to delete it but my heart wouldn't let me... for Donna in remembrance of Fezzik.  

A need to create

 I woke up this morning with restless need..... to create. It's windy, I always get restless when it's windy. So I made a banner they are easy to make and can bright up a dark space..

...I'm not finished I feel the creative jucies still flowing... it's dangerous when I'm in this mood because I ofter start changing the furniture around or pull out the paint brushes.. Watch out Willow and Acorn I may paint you...

The Mother's day Vintage brooch swap

A parcel arrived with a bouquet of periwinkle blue flowers tied with a olive green tulle, a beautiful tag and nestled in the flowers a stunning brooch... with deep purple and raspberry pink stones, the setting reminds me of the tudor period .. it matches the image on the tag perfectly... it is from my swap partner Linda. 

We took part in the swap for all seasons Mother's day Vintage Brooch swap  hosted by an other Linda.

The Challenge wasn't just to find a brooch and send it to our partners But to find a interesting , unique way to package our brooch... Linda surpassed all my expectations, her brooch is, so me. I would have picked it myself and the way she sent it on the bouquet, Exceptionally beautiful...thank Linda for swapping with me and to our host Linda thank you for hosting such a wonderful swap...
Doesn't it look stunning!

Take a word #26 Memories

This weeks challenge at take a word is the word Memories... with all the news on the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.. My thoughts are the memories of where I was when Prince Charles married Princess Diana ... In 1981, I was  18 years old Yes if you do the maths you can work out my age... I was 18 and in my last year of collage... all collages , schools and most people had the day off for the Royal wedding... I sat with my Mum, Nana and sisters watching as Lady Diana climbed out of the car and we all had the first glimpse of the wedding dress. That had been the talk of all the newspapers for months... Both Nana and Mum commented that it needed a good press...  Watching as with her father she walked down the long aisle of St. Paul's Cathedral to the waiting Prince.... A fairy tale....


Spring break over... Mr. B is  feeling better and back to school ...House ... a complete mess..... but what the heck.... I took some ME time to play on the computer...and made this peice of digital art , Titled ME  

Digital art.
Girl image from Mrs. Inman on flickr

spring wand swap

April-Spring-Fairy-Wand-2April-Spring-Fairy-Wand101_0859101_0853Altered spoon wandSpring Wand Swap
Spring Wand SwapSpring Wand SwapWand SwapWendy from wonderland Spring WandWendy from Wonderland Spring WandWendy from Wonderland Spring Wand

spring wand swap, a group on Flickr.
Look at all the wonderful spring wands..

Happy Easter to you

The Easter Hop
by Wendy Aspinall

Digital art

lady image courtesy of land of Nod

Better than chocolate

Happy Easter to everyone! Easter has to be one of my favorite times of the year. Mostly because the world is coming back to life after the winter; flower buds are shooting through, the birds are nesting and chocolate Easter eggs...  but this year it has another reason to be the best time of the year... Goodies through the mail.
 I have always wanted to take part in one of Heather's petite Inspiration Matchbox swap but always signed up too late ... but this time I got in and my partners are Robin  of ... and Connie of

Now all last week I had a sick boy on my hands. Mr. B came down with  Strep  and I too felt sick and didn't want to do much.. but a welcome boost came on Friday with the arrival of Robin's matchbox... It is so pretty that I didn't want to touch it... and inside a treasure of ribbons and flowers and bling...all my favorite colors and goodies all packed in such a small space... but boy oh boy ! so beautiful it takes your breath.  Thank you Robin... you rock!

Day Of The Dead Wallpapers

Celebrate Day of the Dead to remember your those who have left you on the earth. Pay honor and offer your words of prayers and honoring the deceased. Arrange for parties, food, dine, wine and other stuff to welcome your deceased friends, families and relatives. Celebrate the special day and express your love for the day by setting these day of the dead wallpapers.

Halloween Wallpapers For PC

Preview these Halloween wallpapers for PC users who can download them for the holiday season of Halloween to spread scary evil look all over Personal computer. The large orange pumpkin, black background, green wild man and scary images too. Right click to download and set as background for screen.

Twilight Halloween Wallpapers

Let your computer system look scary, wild and devilish to be part of Halloween holidays and to showcase your love for special Twilight movie stars. You can easily access these Twilight Halloween wallpapers to set film hero or heroine posing as evil character of Halloween. Click to download and set on screen.

Halloween Wallpapers For Facebook

Decorate your social network profile of Facebook to match with October month celebration by changing background with these Halloween Wallpapers For Facebook users. Click to download and set on screen. Boo written word, lighted jack-o-lanterns, black base color, evil cat and many other picture theme.

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