Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could, so somewhere in my youth or childhood. I must have done something good. (Rosette swap)

Have you ever been speechless? your heart beating so loud in your ears that you can't hear anything.  Your hands shaking?...... then you know how I felt when I opened the normal brown shipping box... I knew it was from my secret rosette swap partner but I  had no idea what was waiting........ When I opened the box lid........... I'm going to shut up now so you can look at the photos.......Okay I can't be quite just look at the box.... full of Rosette each one more beautiful than the next and the butterfly pin......and then  I opened the box..... I'm telling you now, I nearly fainted......under the sheet music fan  this.......and the more I pulled out, the more light headed I became...... just looking at the rose earrings made my heart stop....... and then ring to match......and then I came to the rosette at the bottom . Pale pink and cream with a pearl centre but even more rosettes and a pearl necklace......... and a comb for my hairand lace, beautifully wrapped on cards tied with brown ribbon with pearl earrings to hold them in place.Who sent me this wonderful present , the best present I have ever had, I felt as if it was my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. My secret swap partner was  Stephanie from Stephanie's Cottage.
Please go see this beautiful, talented and generous lady.

As from the lyrics from the sound of music " something good"

I must have done something very good to be so spoilt.... thank you Stephanie...

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

I need to call pest control.........


I'm linking  up with Wendy again and her  spooky Monday ... it is spooky how it can be Monday again so soon. I am swamped at the minute, to much to do and not enough hours in the days .... but I taking a few seconds to put out more photos from last year Halloween...   Mwa haha

This mummy was made with rolled up newspapers ,white plastic bags and  a old white sheet and cheesecloth... well that's my story and I'm sticking to it but the mailman when missing two day before Halloween and NO ONE has seen him since.......... the black hangings from the house and tree are  cut up black bags.
I also wanted to share my Halloween book titled Witches and Wizards....

I used family photos, the witch on the front is my Nana and the boy on the back my uncle..... old photos are so much fun to use in your art work, just remember to always make a copy of them first....

"Owen can I have the tins when you have finished eating the mints"... Thanks love Mom

That is the message I left on my teenage sons desk on Friday along with two tins of Altoids he had asked me to get for him...

Today he came in the craft room with the tins and said  "If I never see another Altoids again, it will be too soon."

I have to question why he didn't just throw the mints away....and why did he eat all of them in two days, I would have waited !........ but  NOW  I have empty tins to play with.....
This one is the normal 50g tin titled "Spells and Magic". I was in a Halloween mood when I started this one and the other one is tiny half the size . It is tilted  " Key to my heart " the tiny key came from Francie at the Scented cottage. It was in the box of goodies she send me last week.

I'm off to have a cup of tea.  

ATC wall hanging and the cutest ATC from Nancy

The cutest little boy turned up at my house today, he had traveled a long way from Nancy house to mine. he came wrapped in his own sweet knitted blanket. That kept him safe and warm on his journey. But I think he was glad to  be here. He quickly settled in and was soon flying around with the other faeries in the studio.... He did make me think though ... about a new wall hanging to put him and other ATC I have received. 

I'm please with how it turn out but I did want a wire coat hanger but would you believe it not one single  wire hanger in the whole house so I made do with a piece of twisted willow instead.
Thank you to Nancy from  for my little visitor.

Have a great evening

Different Ways of Psychic Healing

There are three primary ways in which psychic healing can be done:1. Healing Oneself – This is the first psychic healing ability that you can learn and practice. It doesn’t matter if you are healthy now. Our lives are constantly changing. Depending on the things we do every day, and the choices we make, we can always fall into the trap of unhealthy and unbalanced living. The process of psychic

Check out my new customized blinkie

I won!!!!!

I doing my happy dance, the dogs are barking and I am "woo hooing" at the top on my lungs......I am the contest winner for a customized button or blinkie from Sandi at   Thank you  Sandi and Susie at made it happen she customized a blinkie just for me....Thank you Susie. Isn't it just me. Don't you just love it???  

I also want to thank my dear friend Fancie from
for a parcel that came today... she sent me lots and lots goodies.
A lovely scented oatmeal and honey soap, I can't wait to have shower tonight to use it , it smells heavenly. a cute bee, lots of button and bits & pieces I can use , bobbins of cotton. ATC canvas, small books, faerie wings and paper forget me nots and lots more. I am one very happy and lucky woman.   Thank you.
Thank you Fancie, I am honored to have you as my friend.

Oh I forgot cute ATC from Becky

Thank you Becky and double thanks as I know you are really, really swamped at the moment..Hugs Wendy

The Dog is in the dog house!!!!

Why I hear you ask??? because yesterday I spend most of the day finishing  my matchboxes for the 25 days of Christmas swap..... this is a big deal because as some of you will know , or maybe don't know about me ... okay another confession and they say confession is good for the soul .... I tend to change my mind....   A   LOT and I didn't like the first ones I  made .... I don't know, they didn't feel like me... I don't know if I sound completely crazy but I wanted matchboxes say me..... That when you opened the bag you would know they came from me immediately ... and so the ones with the Santas didn't do it for me ... so round two.... anyway back to WHY my cute Dachshund Acorn is in the DOG house because  he found said finished matchboxes in the craft room and destroy TWO.....(don't get drawn in by those cute eyes that say "who me?") The evidence , two dead boxes. 

They DID look look this....

 and I know it was only two, but any crafter knows that when you finish a project you mentaly cross it off your list... so I'm back to the matchboxes and Acorn my cute and loveble dog is...... staying out of the craft room from now on. 

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