Dream Interpretation - Swimming in a Pool

I normally don't remember any of my dreams, if there were any. But in rare occasions when I do remember dreaming about something, I take note of it and try to find out what it means.The other night, I dreamt that I was in a swimming pool, fully clothed and sort of asking Mica to teach me how to swim. After a few seconds, I was racing with her from one end of the pool to the other

Planet X Hairstyles from Tel Aviv!

Planet X Salon in Tel Aviv, Israel, does great scene hairstyles for Israeli party kids! Check out their Youtube profile for more pictures of mohawk, emo, tecktonik, and scene hairstyles that have come from their salon!

More Emo Mohawk Hairstyles!

Most people think mohawk haircuts are only for punks, but the mohawk is more about a great look than specific scene! A mohawk with some bright color, or cut in a sharp different way, can work really well for an emo boy too!

Bill Kaulitz Ultimate Emo/Goth/Scene Boy!

Bill Kaulitz has always had the ultimate goth/emo/scene rockstar boy looks! The picture at the bottom pciture is his new hairstyle and make-up, snapped by a papparazzo at a Berlin nightclub! What do you think? Check out more photos and video here!

Big Brother Giving Little Brother a Mohawk Haircut!

Ryan's big brother gives him a very cool looking mohawk haircut!

Goth Boy Hairstyles!

Some very cool goth boy hairstyles, long and short! Goth boy and emo boy hairstyles can be very similar, and both look great dyed black with a streak of bright color, but goth boy style is more about looking like a creature of the night, a Lost Boy!

Michael Castro, Mohawk Boy!

Michael Castro, who recently appeared on American Idol, has a great mohawk haircut! He does very cool things with the color, but the pink is really cute on him too!

Scary Halloween Backgrounds

Scare and horror are part of halloween celebrations. The party is considered weak till it does not create the feeling of getting scared and fear off. Thats why, most themes on halloween are designed keeping in mind the need or response of scare and terror from audiences. So, download these scary halloween backgrounds to give everyone a chance to feel the joys of halloween night while coming over your desktop or laptop.
Scary Halloween BackgroundsScary Halloween Myspace Backgrounds Free Scary Halloween Backgrounds

Screechy Cat Halloween Wallpaper

Cats are the most wild and wicked animal associated with halloween because it is believed that black cats are carriers of ill luck and evil spirits. Thats why people use black cat theme to add more spice of fear and horror in the halloween celebration by wearing cat costume, decoration, gifts and other attractions. You can give your PC or laptop, more scary look of the halloween season by downloading these screechy cat halloween wallpaper and setting them as background for free. Set these eerie animals on your desktop by clicking onto the thumnails to get its high resolution.
Halloween Cat Wallpapers Free Cat Halloween Wallpaper
Screechy Cat Halloween Wallpaper
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