Dream Interpretation - Airplane

While my hubby was partying at the UNO Online Magazine Launch, I was at home watching Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, cooking some pasta and downing cocktails. Naturally, after the movie, I fell asleep (I usually concoct strong cocktails for myself, teehee). After three hours, I was awakened by a very strange dream... strange because I wasn't emotional about it. I can only remember

How to Style Emo Boy Hair Video - Long Hair!

Youtube user xX9scemo9Xx has a series of videos on how to do emo hair if you have longer hair, all it takes is a hair straightener!

How to Style Emo Boy Hair Video!

This boy shows you how to do your hair emo style, even if it's a regular style haircut! You can get hair crimpers at a drug store or Walmart, or from ebay!

Getting a Mohawk Haircut Video!

A great Youtube video of a guy getting an awesome mohawk haircut at a hair salon! Check out his liberty spikes at the end of the video!

Dream Interpretation - Crying

Weeping in dreams is not at all unusual. This is often because of the emotional power carried by the images and persons you are encountering. Weeping in the dream is generally separate from actual physical tears forming. It is more often that weepy feeling you get in your heart when a particularly moving scene is played out before you. The best advice is always to go with the dream.

More Goth Mohawk Hairstyles!

Lots of Goth boys and girls both go for the deathhawk hairstyle - for this look you need really long hair and a lot of hairspray! It was made famous by Johnny Slut of the band Specimen in the 80s!

More Getting a Mohawk Haircut!

A tip for getting a mohawk haircut: keep each side of your mohawk lined up with the centers of your eyes to get a good width! Here are some more tips for getting, or giving, a mohawk haircut.

Spell - How To Be Irresistible

A nice young lady I met online, emailed and texted me about some love problem she's having. I was also inspired by some girlfriends of mine who are currently looking for the "perfect one". Then I thought that: 1) The best way to cure a heartache is to not wish the other party some harm (coz it will definitely come back to you tenfold and much worse!) but on the contrary, to make yourself

Dahvie Vanity Scene Boy Hairstyles

Dahvie Vanity is a scene boy, stylist, and leader singer of electropop band Blood on the Dancefloor, and has awesome scene boy hairstyles! Check out his myspace page and maybe you can book an appointment with him to give you a great scene boy hairstyle. There are lots more great pictures of his different hairstyles there too!

Bleached Mohawk Hairstyles!

Bleached mohawk hairstyles look really cool on guys with dark hair and can look really sharp. It's easy to bleach your hair if you are careful to get the right stuff.

Cool Mohawk Haircut Video!

A great video of a boy getting a cool mohawk hairstyle, watch and take notes for how to do a good job!

Dyed Mohawk Hairstyles!

Adding color to a mohawk hairstyle is an easy way to get a really unique look! Black, red, and other dark colors can be added to your hair, but to get really cool blue, green, and other wild colors, you will need to bleach your mohawk first!

Punk Mohawk Hairstyles!

A mohawk is the classic punk boy hairstyle. Punk mohawk style is to grow your hair long and use glue to make awesome spikes, but short mohawks look good on punk boys too.

Goth Mohawk Hairstyles!

Goth mohawks are like a combination of a regular punk mohawk and an emo hairstyle. Goth boys all in black and wearing makeup look totally great with a black dyed mohawk and maybe some long hair on the side.

Harajuku Boy Hairstyles!

Harajuku is a neighborhood in Tokyo, and every Sunday boys and girls come there to dress up in costumes and show off their great looks! Harajuku boy hairstyles are inspired by favorite anime characters, and come in many varieties but always look awesome!

More Mohawk Hairstyles!

That green color is very good, very difficult to get! I wonder what color the boy with the nose-ring has?

Bill Kaulitz Hairstyles!

Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer of German boyband Tokio Hotel. Some call him a "pretty boy," Bill has always had his own look and awesome hair!

Emo Boy Hairstyles!

Emo boy hairstyles are very shaggy, with long bangs that cover a guy's eyes and make him look mysterious and a little wild. Emo boys often dye their hair deep black, or add colors to it. Emo boys usually wear make-up and have piercings, especially through their lips. Emo boys don't care so much for being tough, they sometimes wear girl's clothes and colors that makes them look feminine but many think this look is very hot!

Little Boys with Mohawk Hairstyles!

Little boys with mohawk haircuts are really cute - the mohawk hairstyle is like an expression of their young freedom and spirit of fun!

Getting a Mohawk Haircut!

One of the best things about a mohawk hairstyle is that your friend or buddy can cut your hair for you - and when he's done, you can give him a mohawk too!

Emo Mohawk Hairstyles!

Emo mohawks are shaggier with the front worn like bangs. Emo mohawk hairstyles make a guy look punky, but maybe they like to read poems instead of get into fights!

Tough Mohawk Hairstyle!

A super-sharp and super-tough mohawk haircut! Mohawks are the definite hairstyle for tough boys!
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