Beautiful Halloween Wallpapers

Download these beautiful halloween wallpapers for your PC or laptop. These boo-tiful-halloween wallpaper fill the atmosphere of halloween celebrations with carved pumpkins, horror pictures, spooky decorations, skeletons and other items related with halloween. So enjoy this day with our latest collection of free halloween wallpapers.
Beautiful Halloween Wallpapers
Beautiful Halloween Themes Looking Beautiful this Halloween
free beautiful halloween wallpaper

Dream Interpretation - Falling Teeth

I had a dream last night. It was all about my upper teeth & gums which kept falling together with my retainers then growing back again and even before they turn really hard and straight, they fall off again and again and again... I had a good feeling about it when I woke up, though. I'd like to believe that the dream may symbolize the changes that I am having in my life this new year.

The Evening The Sky Smiled

Thanksgiving weekend has just passed. But it was not only us that celebrated it. Even the sky is in agreement that we do have a lot of things to be thankful for and to smile about. Below is a photo of Jupiter, Venus and the moon as it formed a SMILE in the sky. My husband and I took out our Nikon D40 to capture this rare occurrence.
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