Spell - How To Attract Money

It's that time of the month when the magical powers are best put t use --- evening of a new moon. What I did earlier tonight was cast a few spells, all involving wealth and happiness. I am going to share with you one that will help you attract success in all your business dealings. For this particular money spell, you will need the following ingredients:

Altar of Baby Wiccan

According to Tony Perez's book of spells entitled KULAM, it is important to find a nice quiet room or place where you will not be disturbed as you do your spells and other prayers. It would be nice if you have a real prayer or study room that you can be alone at. As for me, I chose my study room for it is the least used inside the house and it is where I feel most at peace. On my study

Spell - How To Banish Unhappiness

Full Moon has always been associated with negative mystical stuff. Like in folklore, it is a superstition that certain human beings can change into a wolf, or is capable of assuming the form of a wolf, while retaining human intelligence at this time of the month. They are called werewolves. They also say that vampires are at their strongest, mananaggals strike their prey and so on and so

Dream Interpretation - Zac Efron

As exciting as it sounds like, I did dream about Zac Efron but not in the way that I would've chosen it to be. I was back in my dead grandmama's old house in the province but the scenery took place behind the cemented walls where fields of rice used to be. In my dream, it still looked like a field.Anyway, I was tasked to take measurements of Zach Efron's arm and for some reason, he happened

Halloween and Christmas Wallpapers

Halloween is the next holiday season after Christmas bringing lots of decorations, costumes, wine & dine with fun and entertainment in our life. Here, at this destination, you are going to get all on Halloween and Christmas through our mini database covering every type of wallpaper from adult to kid, scary to funny, Witches to Santa and lots more. So what are you waiting for. This space is yours, make a choice and download any of our listed Halloween and Christmas Wallpapers.
Christmas for Halloween Free Halloween Christmas Wallpaper Halloween and Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas Wallpapers

Download these free christmas wallpapers to decor not only your desktops and laptops but also home or office interior by taking print of the same. These Free wallpapers features the beautiful Christmas season of 2008. We have enormous collection of animated christmas wallpapers, corporate x-mas wallpapers and lots more.
Download Free Christmas Wallpaper Best Christmas Wallpapers Free Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas Cards

Celebrate the birth anniversary of God Jesus on the day of Christmas in a company of good friends, relatives and families. Its time for Santa's gifts, mistletoe kisses, handing stockings, christmas tree decorations and togetherness for all. Enjoy the merry christmas season holidays with great food, dine and wine. Send these christmas cards to express your heart felt feelings for the occassion.
Free Christmas Cards Download Christmas Card
Christmas Cards

Tarot Card Reading - Marriage

The first part of my day was spent with Peter, which will most likely be the case from now on since his work finishes at around 8am or so which is around the same time that I wake up. We had breakfast together, hung out at the lanai for a while over tea and cigarettes then watched the beautiful and interesting character of Melinda Gordon in Ghost Whisperer reruns. I love her dresses by

Tarot Card Reading - Darkness Before Dawn

Two weeks before I finally decided to quit my job and take some time off from work to know myself more and hopefully discern my calling, I drew the following spread in my Tarot cards. It was a dark time for me. I was not at peace and my heart was always calling out to something more... more than the daily grind of working for money. It was yearning for something that is both meaningful and
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