Spell - How To Be A Rich Witch

On the eve of the new moon, I cast one of the spells I've been dying to do since I started reading this cute book of spells given to me as a gift by Marichit (Peachie's Ate)... No, not the mean ones (for now, that is, hehe). So I gathered all the ingredients together (nutmeg, cinnamon, bowl, old purse, spoon), followed the instructions to the letter and chanted the following verse:

Tarot Card Reading - Hanged Man

I have been feeling so bad the last few days and I can't shake off the feeling. I don't wanna elaborate anymore coz I might just torment myself even more. Just so I can sleep well tonight, I consulted my tarot cards. And after shuffling a couple of times, I picked this card out of the whole pack: THE HANGED MAN.According to my Tarot Bible, this card is one of the most mysterious of the bunch

The holidays SUCK!

Once upon a time in the not-too-distant future (in distant days longing to sense it all so clear):

And still no new tale to tell.Halloween and the Day of the Dead have come and gone and now comes the times that try your wallets.

I just want to go all Charlie Brown on the world as I am barraged from all sides by sales that tempt the hell out of me. There are coupons from Borders where I can get some decent books and British TV that have been on my wish list for a while. There is a $350.00 laptop from Wal-Mart (I so need a laptop). The home needs furniture. I need Absolute Sandman Volume 2. And that new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book. And a whole lot of other comics that I am behind on. Some great DVD’s are coming out in the next few months (Doctor Who, Ratatouille, 24 Season 6, Young Indiana Jones, Torchwood- the list goes on and on).Plus tons upon tons of bills are set for renewal in the next few weeks. Siddhartha got it right when he said desire was at the root of all suffering.

I just want to shut myself out of all advertising for the next three months or so and maybe then I will not be tempted to max out all my credit cards and open some new ones to buy all the inconsequential things that I want.

Halloween and the Day of the Dead are the best holidays of the year. What comes after next just sucks as goodwill towards one another and want of world peace is replaced for things made out of plastic and metal. Maybe Buy Nothing Day shall be observed by me for once. More info about that at http://adbusters.org/metas/eco/bnd/.

Scary Shite

Once upon a time in the not-too-distant future (in distant days longing to sense it all so clear):
Still no new tale to tell.But hope from Neil Gaiman for all of us who want to be writers:“When I started, I made my day job writing. I was a journalist, I wrote a few short stories, I interviewed people, I wrote non-fiction books. It taught me a lot about the way the world worked, a lot about deadlines, and it meant I wrote enough to develop a style, a voice that sounded like it was mine. And it paid the bills, and I edged over towards prose fiction and comics and only gave up my last few regular columns when I could afford to.That's how I did it.When I went to talk to kids on careers at my old school, in the 80s, I advised anyone who was doubtful about writing as a career to do something else ("Johnnie wants to know if there's job security in being a freelance writer?" said one mother. And I told her that there wasn't, and if Johnny, who didn't say anything, really wanted job security, she should go and talk to the people from jobs in banking and hotel management in the main hall). It's not an easy thing to do. But I still wouldn't trade it for anything else...”
Hmm…..Anyway moving on and in spirit of Halloween, here are some things that creep me out or just horrify me:
Maggots, tapeworms and worms: I have nothing against most bugs, but those that decompose dead flesh and garbage make me want to hurl, runaway and return to set them on fire.Raw meat: It is surprising that it took me almost thirty years to fully become vegetarian. As a kid I remember going to the open air markets where the bovines came straight after being butchered. The smell was overwhelming, and you could not escape the sights- I mean the cow head was still looking at me despite being several feet from the rest of the body.Gridlock: The first level of hell is being stuck in traffic going ten miles or less on four hours on a sweltering day with no AC and the car next to you is belting out the same Gangsta Rap tune the whole time.Doing your own income taxes and you realize you have to look something up to make sure you are doing it right.Doing your own income taxes and you realize that you owe.Realizing that band you like ain’t as good as they used to be.What passes for music on alternative radio stations nowadays.Rich Socialites.The government in Burma.The face that none of us are as young as we used to be.That karaoke is now on TV and is a hit.That originality has been dead for a long, long time. The rapid decline of the US dollar.Auto mechanics in Texas.Traffic in Texas. Weather in Texas.Nepotism in the creative industries.How alone we all really are. The price of comic books nowadays. The idea that out there, there is a 24 year old man is currently mourning the death of his 84 year old wife. DUDE, SHE WAS 84!The fact that none of this may be real. That scene in the Transformers live action movie where Optimus Prime holds the halves of his fallen friend like he was nothing more like a broken toy.The fact that whole world is conspiring against you. The pictures of the red skies in California- I remember all the ash falling from the sky during past wild fires there- but never the red skies. The realization that we will eventually lose everything that is dear to us. Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it. Life's a laugh and death's a joke it's true.(For life is quite absurd and death's the final word.)
And that is all I can think of for now.
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