Death over and over

Once upon a time in the not-too-distant future:


I just wanted to say that out loud.

Looks like they are finally successful at blocking this site at my work, so less real ‘blog-like’ posts here (check the livejournal one for those) and instead, my practice at writing fiction here.

Below is the beginning of a story I began on a whim as Mr. Jam (at ) thought the idea of dying over and over again would make an interesting tale:

Death all over and over again (and over again)

She was born twenty seven years ago in the most peculiar, tragic manner. Her mother was on her way home from some function or other. Her uncle told her mother just came from a Tupperware party. Her aunt she just came from an affair with a married man that had just ended and was on her way to another. Her dad had no idea what she was doing out there. He left the family several months previous to fulfill his dream of going to clown college (in actuality, he had the opportunity to study under a famous French mime- is there any other kind? - and took that opportunity. In the years that followed, because of the close physical contact with his mentor he thought be was gay, but several years later decided he wasn’t. He now thinks he is again, but he is now living in Montreal doing what it is that trained mimes that do not live in France do. Although Canada is practically France, so who knows?)

Actually, her mother was not doing anything fun that day, she was just going home (on the bus, she wasn’t allowed to drive, being eight months pregnant) after a visit to the grocery store because she had cravings for cheese, various kinds of meat (the non-erotic kind, the kind they find on cows), broccoli and peanut butter. She had also picked up the latest Johnny Depp movie (who lives in France now, just like her ex). She had never had an affair with a married man, those were just rumors she started became bored with her life and wanted to spice things up without actually doing anything. She’s pretty indifferent about Tupperware.

She was thinking about her ex as she rode home on the bus. She was okay with him going to France to be a mime (she was the only one who knew the difference between a clown and a mime), mostly because she thought this would also be an opportunity for her to go to France too. She had never been out of the country, but he though she was being sarcastic, one thing led to another, yelling was done, there was make-up sex but he thought it was break up sex and the next day she woke up alone. He did hear from him a few days later, just to let her know he was okay.

She still thought about meeting with him after the baby was born, just to surprise him and introduce his kid to him. She harboured no ill feelings against him and still thought of him fondly. Her thoughts were beginning to drift to the meat being the erotic kind of meat when the passenger airliner fell from the air, slamming into the bus and leaving no survivors.

Except one, of course.

(The pilot of the plane had got his hands on some ganja from a stewardess who had gotten it from a minor celebrity who was in coach. The last thing the black box recorded was the pilot screaming, “Oh my god, why is that bus throwing itself unto the bus!? Dude, I am so…..”)

Her mother was seated towards the back of the bus and the flying shards of metal sliced her in half. They say she felt nothing as it happened so fast but she felt warm, although her thoughts were luckily not of pain as she was still thinking of the meat. The top half of her body was thrown clear of the bus and found two days later. Her lower half was protected by the seats and the bags of meat that she had bought and was relative unharmed (of course, you have to put into consideration that her top half was now missing).

An off duty fireman was behind the bus when all this happened. Being a brave idiot he rushed out amongst the flames and jet fuel to see if there was anything, anyone he could save. The smell of barbecue sickened him but he pushed forward, but then again, he realized, why does burning bodies smell like bratwurst?

Because it was bratwurst. The fireman walked towards the smell, strangely hungry and saw the bags of meat and the bottom half of an obviously pregnant woman.

Now, nobody now knows why he did the next couple of things. Shoving the bags of meat aside, he gently lowered the bottom half of an obviously pregnant woman down amidst the fires and jet fuel, whipped out his Swiss army knife, and took out her baby. He cut the umbilical cord, patted the baby’s back who spat out some fluid and started crying. The off duty fireman then slowly walked out of the debris, went back to his car still on the road with the baby wrapped up in his shirt and at which time the first emergency vehicles had started to arrive and proper care was given to the baby.

She became a minor celebrity for some time after that. Twenty seven years later, she still gets remarks from strangers who recognize her name, Ashleigh Lee Montenegro (Lee after the off duty fireman, Ashleigh from her mother) just like some people still gawked at Baby Jessica years after she fell down that stupid pipe.

She should have died that day. Every expert told her that. She knew it too, and it depressed her to no end.

Because nowadays, every time she died again, accidental or otherwise, she would be dead for a day or two, then come, inexplicably, back to life.

The following are the comments derived from the story:

Posted by: Because Nury was going to write the story, Catterpillarboy did a draft of the first chapter | Thursday, 17 May 2007 at 11:02 PM

OMG! I would hate to have the dreams you obviously have.....

Posted by: Jan | Friday, 18 May 2007 at 09:46 AM

Wow, Caterpillerboy, you are definitely showing your dark side these days!.

I think I prefer the story the original way, as in your first email. The above is too gruesome.

Here's an alternative story, based on the same idea (dying twice).

Anita Lemonick raised the dead, nine to five. That was her job.

Except it was usually ten pm to six am, as she preferred the night shift. She was a doctor who specialized in using heart defibrillators.

After returning life to her 73rd patient of the year, she went to the hospital canteen to get some coffee. It was three o'clock in the morning.

Leafing through a magazine that someone had left on the table, she discovered an article about a group of people who had diced with death. They had all briefly died and glimpsed the "white light" that led to heaven. They swapped notes about what the afterlife was like. She recognized the name of one of her own patients in the article.

She suddenly realized that in her hands she held the talent to fulfill their wishes. Their members could die, glimpse heaven, and then she could bring them back.

She could see it now: "Tours of the afterlife: roll up."

She tore out the page and stuffed into her pocket, determining to contact the group when morning came...

[volunteers, please continue the story...]

Posted by: Nury | Friday, 18 May 2007 at 10:39 AM

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To Do in May if you Can

Once upon a time in the not-too-distant future:

I have succumbed to temptation and watched TV after I learned after Turn Off TV week- an attempt to get our faces off the boob tube and away from the endless barrage of mind sucking advertisements (must…go…see…Spider-Man III…or not…). But I watched a show last night PBS whose programs are commercial free although there are endless barrages of mind sucking advertisements (…must…go…get…expensive car…which is made possible by viewers like you) that bookend their shows.

I learned that it will cost me currently $30,000.00 to install the cheapest solar panels to my place which will cut my electricity bill in half. If I lived in Massachusetts, the state would have paid for half of it. If I lived in Germany, government incentives would actually make you a profit if you have solar panels and soon that country would supply a third of its electrical power from them. If we cover the Mojave with solar panels, the Unites States would significantly reduce its need on fossil fuels.

I still like the Transmetropolitan idea that we should find a way to cover the planet Mercury with panels and ‘beam’ the energy back to us. At the speed of light, it would only take eight minutes to get to us.

Upcoming stuff:

May is Asian American History Month, which is the lesser known of the ethnic-American months. And now that I think of it, it is kinda odd that the month Asian American History Month is in shares a name usually only found in Asian women. Anyway, go out this month, give one of us a hug, learn more about your slanty eyed friends and eat some pansit, har gow, tandoori, kim chee, satay and/or some yummy curry. Damn, now I am hungry. For me, I will do all that plus catch up on the HK DVD’s waiting to be watched on my shelf.

May 19th and 20th is the Strawberry Festival in the ‘Nard (also known as Oxnard, CA), an event that Big Louie always gets mad when I mention it. Yes, the farm workers do not get enough credit for their hard work for these delicious berries and other fine fruits and vegetables. So skip it this year not just for that but also because while admission may not an arm and a leg yet, but at $12.00 a person, it is an arm, if you buy food, it will be a leg and if you purchase anything at the Arts & Crafts booths it will be another body part.

Plus there will be a million people there all drunk on the strawberry beers, noteworthy bands stopped playing there a million years ago and it will take you two years to get past traffic and find parking.

Also on May 19th and 20th is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Open house in Pasadena (, an event I will pimp to no end (although if you see the gweilo who thought my shirt, which had a Chinese character, read ‘Die Whitey’ please kick him for me- hey, buddy it meant ‘dream’ and it is disenchanting to see you in a place like that).

No admission charge for this event which is just off the 210 and you get to be awed by the fact that yes, sometimes, the human race still cares to expand its collective horizons and yes, boldly go where we have never gone before. See kids smarter than you, kids who want to be smarter than you and kids who will one day be running the country and/or be your boss.
Also, see the closest thing to Transformers (a giant robotic arm) and do not miss the opportunity to see the JPL control room.

And, by the way, this weekend (May 5th) holds Free Comic Book Day. Now, you cannot pass this up, now can you?

Other stuff:

A friend of mind is currently fostering a malamute by the name of Sheila, who can be seen at Can you believe they were about to put down this two year old beautiful puppy because no one wanted her? If my cat were not so dog phobic, I would take this dog in at a heart beat. As it is, this malamute needs a home and I may just arrange a time to take the dog for a walk or play fetch with it pretty soon. By the way, if I could have a puppy, it would be a malamute, a welsh corgi or one of them schnauzer dogs. I came across a three legged boxer at a shelter event that I wanted to take home pretty badly (a perfect companion to the three legged cat who currently rule our lives) but at the time my apartment would kill us if we had a dog (as evident by the bodies scattered around the complex and the mournful howlings at night).

Where else I can be found:
See all my amazing friends! Beware of inside jokes that no one, even my friends will get!
Possibly maybe stories and projects that I am working on
This will probably be the most updated one with all of my thoughts, feelings, book and movie reviews and other random stuff.
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