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Once upon a time around March 2007

Check out http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/postglobal/needtoknow/2007/02/the_departed_was_better_in_jap.html which has an article that agrees pretty much with my view on why Infernal Affairs is a better film than The Departed. Pretty much from what I have seen and read, no matter when you saw the original and then the remake, American audiences prefer the remake and international audiences prefer the original. There is nothing wrong with that, I think both movies deserve to exist, the remake just does not really do anything new with the material especially with the caliber of the director (although Scorsese would never have directed anything like Wesley’s Mysterious File) but it also manages to insult the originals via Nicholson’s anti-Asian rant.

I not sure how much I have written on the Departed vs. Infernal Affairs issue, but I think that should be the last I will write about it. To wit: both movies are good, I just think the original is better and everyone who likes the remake should give the source material a chance. Hey, it is now available at Wal-Mart which surprised the hell out of Holly.

The following is from the website/blog of Nury Vitacchi (http://mrjam.typepad.com/), who I believe is a spiritual successor to Douglas Adams:

“I’m not just whistling in the wind. Sheba Karim, a student at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, has just landed a fabulous deal, I heard today.

Her manuscript has just been auctioned by literary agent Ayesha Pande, where the highest bidder was Farrar Straus -- a really US good publisher.

The story is about a Pakistani American girl’s life at an upstate New York high school. Not only is she the only Asian, but she’s the only Muslim. She’s also the sister of a standard Asian supernerd, and worst of all -- there’s the dreaded secret problem of many south Asian women: body hair.

It’s a hilarious story that only as Asian-American could have written. I’m hoping that Joe R. [hey that’s me!], a regular commenter on this site, will follow suit, among others!”

Congratulations to Sheba Karim on her deal and thanks to Mr. Jam on his encouragement. I have a billion and a half started stories in my head, from the murder on the International Space Station, the reason why the world did not end in 2000 (it happens to involve pro wrestling), a dozen wannabe Raymond Chandler yarns, one-act plays to the inevitable fan fiction (hey, Joss Whedon- I have the Buffy story that will knock your socks off right here!). My biggest problem is that the stories stay in my head until I can find a decent way to conclude them.

Endings are hard. For me, any story is all about the ending. A good ending can totally turn a mediocre story into a memorable one in the least, a great one if you are really lucky. Two examples that I can think of are the first Resident Evil movie and the novel Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

The last few minutes of Resident Evil almost totally negates the rest of the movie and creates either the perfect cliffhanger (THE DEAD WALK!) or a decent Twilight Zone episode. I know a lot of people do not really care for the movie, but I admire it just for the ending that plays with your expectations and I believe the movie does that up very well.

As for Neverwhere, the last chapter in that book can read more like a short story where we meet up with the characters some time after the main events have happened. It brings together everything we liked about the lead character, doing the cliché thing of how much he has grown because of his experiences but at the same time, his yearning for more adventures to escape his cubicle life draws us back in for the final pages. Neverwhere would have been just another novel had it ended with Richard Mayhew finally escaping London Below but the brief glimpse in his life after is what makes the book one of my favourite reads.

Endings are important; I just need to find some good ones for the stories living in my head (On the other side of things, I have dabbled with a short story collection I want to eventually write called Endings and Epilogues which are nothing but the imaginary last chapters of great, imaginary novels. A book of nothing but endings- someday maybe.)

Another thing on my mind regards the previous post about ten things that brands should know about Asian American youth. The world is getting smaller and smaller and more and more people are getting a chance to be farther and farther from where they were born, both physically and in a state of mind. I live an ocean and half a continent away from where I was born. But living in Texas, the past couple of days, what has been on my mind is this- I want to watch a good HK flick, filled with two handed gun gods, GAU CHO WAH’s, and of course- lightning fast martial arts.

And meanwhile, Korean Pop Culture is on the rise in Western countries, buoyed by the fact of the DMZ separating the two states and that both states philosophically oppose each other. But, get this; Korean Fried Chicken (the new KFC) is apparently a new delicacy. Taking a quintessential American dish and making something distinctly local (and knowing them, deliciously spicy) about it. Now, this new KFC is making its way back to the States, with hipsters rushing to Koreatowns to flavour a new take on an old favourite. There are none in Austin so far, but if one pops up, I will put my vegetarianism aside for a moment to sample it with some yum-yum kim chi.

It is actually an old tale.

Martin Scorsese makes Taxi Driver. John Woo loves Taxi Driver. John Woo makes the Killer as a tribute to Martin Scorsese. John Woo movies influence Andrew Lau. Andrew Lau makes Infernal Affairs. Martin Scorsese remakes Infernal Affairs.

See how that works?
Now, where was I going with this? Branding and Asian American youth culture. Reading that article makes me think what is the biggest difference between Asian-American youth and youth in Asia? Melting pots that is what. One thing I really love about America is how much of a melting pot the place is. We can pick and choose for many varied sources into what is our culture. No matter where we were originally from.

But with the world wide web, this option is beginning to be available to everyone. Japanese youth listening to Country music while kids in France tune in to urban hip hop and African boys dress like American movie icons, American kids constantly watching anime and a thirty year old in Texas listens to German Industrial music.

The only problem now is access and control of that flow of information. Do many youth have access to the internet? Or the financial means to do so even? There are internet cafes in Afghanistan and in the Congo. I hardly know how to use a cell phone but a Congonese woman I saw being profiled on a news program that makes in a week what I spend on a comic book was texting and sending photos via hers.

But what kind of information is made available to a kid in Afghanistan or the Congo? Would a Pakistani kid post comments on the latest Bollywood flick the same way a nerd would about the last Star Wars flick? I would hope so.

Uncle Kim in North Korea loves Hollywood action movies but only lets his people watch home grown ones and restricts their contact with the rest of the world. Who knows what kids in Shanghai are being allowed to watch?

The optimist in me says the world is getting smaller in all the good ways. The realist in me says that information is not being shared in ways that would bring us all closer as a people regardless of race. The pessimist in me says why bother- we will all kill each other in the end anyway.

But the Joe says, Dude if you like the Departed which shows Irish descendants in an American city, watch Infernal Affairs which tells the same story in a former British Colony now part of a Communist State that has Capitalist designated zones. In the very least you get to see that different peoples react the same in similar situations (in movies at least). In the best way, it can lead you to learning new things.

Which is always a good thing.

(…and I guess is the last I will talk about Infernal Affairs and the Departed, promise).


My 300th Post, I beleive and I talk about some non-trivial stuff...


Once upon a time around March 2007 (well, almost)

An interesting entry into the debate of illegal immigrants at http://media.www.nyunews.com/media/storage/paper869/news/2007/02/22/News/find-The.Illegal.Immigrant-2736345.shtml and http://www.nydailynews.com/news/local/story/499998p-421631c.html. In the recent weeks, there have been reports of ‘ghetto’ and ‘south of the border’ parties being held at colleges which are pretty much parties where middle to upper class kids get to play at being impoverished and at the same time mocking minorities (to be fair, I remember ‘White Trash’ parties being held at CSUN when I was there, and it is interesting that they are not being mentioned).

But this ‘Find the Illegal Immigrant’ thing that was held is in so much poor taste. There is a point to their actions, but they should have gone another route. I love how Wesley Chan was given the history lesson. For the record, I would like to remind people that similar laws were passed regarding legally immigrated Filipinos in the early 20th century as we were not allowed to own land or marry outside of our nationality.

And I love the following quote: "If we come out looking crazier than the Republicans do, then we will have failed.”

The following is from a report by a consulting firm regarding what brands (i.e.: marketing) should know about Asian-American youth and taken from http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070214/nyw090.html?.v=86 . For the record, since I am rapidly approaching thirty, I am no longer considered youth (stupid thing called time). My comments, if any, are in the brackets.

1. Many Asian-American youth feel excluded and misunderstood by most brands. It's made worse by the fact that they see advertisers actively wooing the African-American and Hispanic markets.
[Oh, well, third place is better than any. But then again I do not associate myself with ‘brands’ really, which shows the truth in their statement]

2. Mixed race kids are proudly identifying as Hapa, a once derogatory word in Hawaiian to mean "half." Hapa is also slang for marijuana in Japanese (spelled Happa). Hapa is supplanting terms like Amerasian, biracial, and blasian
[If you’re happa and you know it, clap your hands- okay, stupid joke, and kill me now, please. But kudos to take something derogatory and turning it to a source of pride].

3. Asian-American youth are secret fans of "easy listening" adult contemporary music. Lite FM is a hidden passion.
[I am a closet Enya fan, but other than that- FUCK easy listening]

4. There's a "hero gap" among Asian-American kids, which is being filled for many by activists from other cultures. Martin Luther King is a role model and hero to many young Asian-Americans.
[This is sure to change in time as Asian Americans begin to realize that their heritage comes from two continents and not just the USA, kinda like how Mandela is regarded nowadays. I have always admired Cory Aquino for example and the guy from Angry Asian Man is spearheading a new type of activism]

5. Most Asian-American kids refer to white people as "white people" the same way African-Americans do.
[As in, why do you hate us? And we all do not know kung fu or know how to work your computer- I do not even know how mine works]

6. Underage gambling is huge. The "new" American poker obsession is nothing new to Asian-American kids. Gambling has a long history in Asian culture. Many students spoken with are avid online gamblers and card players. Some organize private online poker tournaments.
[Sorry, this ain’t me, I hardly even play the lottery but then again as I mentioned before, I am not youth]

7. Asian-American kids want an end to the hyper-nerdy images of themselves on TV and want to see more punked-out skater and graffiti DJ images which reflect a different energy. The feeling is: Enough with the math geeks, future doctors and violinists. Asian-American kids crave street credibility -- not just academic accolades.
[Actually, I do not want see Asians as punked out skaters or whatever, just show us as people with a variety of interests that are not just academic. And actually show us too. It is really funny to see shows based in LA, San Francisco or even Hawaii and not see any slanty eyed people. If you ever go to those places you know we are all over the place]

8. Asian-American kids universally hate the question: Where are you from -- especially since the answers are usually something like "Westchester" or "Boston."
[I am from California, I was not born there but it is where my roots are]

9. All things Korean are hot and getting hotter. Fashion. Foods. DJs. Online communities. Korea is the new Japan.
[Aside from a few cool movies and kim chee, Korean pop culture is overrated. It is still all about HK baby]

10. The 15 minutes of seemingly benign American Idol fame for William Hung had a surprisingly negative effect on Asian-American students. There's a feeling that Hung perpetuated the worst stereotypes about Asian people and gave non-Asians permission to indulge in two years of racial stereotyping and mocking.
[William Hung is forgivable. The fact that he got 15 minutes of fame and the way the media manipulated that is not. It is like giving a homeless crack fiend two bits to dance and then claiming him as the new Fred Astaire]


Life in Small Town, USA

Hey, she's braver that I'll ever be...

February Something, 2007 (and coming onto March!)

Paraphrased Quote of the week: “I have fun. Remember when I punched Hitler? That was fun.”- Captain America

Kudos to Big Louie and his bother, Joseph who came by to Austin this past weekend for an academic conference. Two of the smartest people I know, gracias for dinner and allowing for me to hang with you guys. Next time, come over to my place and I will cook some dead cow and serve slushies or something.

It is always nice to see old friends. Especially old friends from back home, it is like listening to an old song that you have not heard in a while. And one of the cooler things about a friend like Big Louie (or just plain Luis as he likes to be known) is that he is not afraid to criticize you or tell you what is on his mind, which is really refreshing in the world of today (okay, I will stop writing about so much about So-Cal and write more about local issues- or not, but it is totally fucking hilarious that the opening of a supermarket makes the evening news here- welcome to small-town USA, Bro). It is also nice as visits from old friends can be a barometer of where you were and where you are and if you are lucky, where you want to be.

Maybe the next time you guys are in town, I will finally be enrolled in an art class or actually have a studio up at the place where I can finally draw on a regular basis instead of just scribbling stuff or actually update the OS on my MAC so I can produce lots of stuff that I like to draw meaning a website full of renderings of skulls and skull like things will eventually be forthcoming.

Seen this Weekend: The Departed

Just in time for its Oscar sweep, this movie is an okay movie. Granted I am biased because of my love of the Infernal Affairs Trilogy, but the remake just feels too much like the movie it is remaking. Sure there are small changes, but beat by beat, the movie is not a remake but a photocopy. Complete with the odd fetish of head shots. You would think both Scorsese and Andrew Lau both secretly want to make a zombie flick. Now, I did not hate the flick, I enjoyed it, it is just that if I wanted to watch this movie again, I would pop in Infernal Affairs instead unless I am too lazy to read subtitles.

Plus, the lack of recognition the original trilogy gets despite the award winnings of the Departed bugs me.

Other observations: Leo will never be as cool as Tony Leung and Matt Damon was more of a bad guy than Andy Lau was in the first Infernal Affairs. Martin Sheen commands respect on the screen the same way Anthony Wong does.

Overall rating; B Minus, a good but over-hyped film based on a better film.

(And yes, Scorsese deserved a win, but for his career, not this movie. And William Monahan, the screenwriter deserves a special place in hell for his Oscar win- all he did was translate the script from Cantonese to English. Yes, Cantonese, not Japanese)

Guillermo Navarro also won for his cinematography work on Pan’s Labyrinth. I already love Blade II and Hell Boy- but even if I did not, both movies are very pretty to look at because of him.

Seen two weekends ago: Hustle S2

Still in a crime state of mind? This show rocks! There is nothing more I can say. I am a fan of this show now.

Just for the hell of it, my opinion of a super band:

Lyrics, music, programming, additional vocals and additional keyboards by Ronan Harris (VNV Nation)

Vocals, additional guitars and make up by Robert Smith (The Cure)

Lead Guitar by Joey Santiago (aka the greatest Filipino in the world, The Pixies)

Bass and martial arts choreography by Peter Hook (New Order)

Live Drums by Boris Williams (Formerly of the Cure)

Drum Machine Programming, additional percussion and fist pumping by Mark Jackson (VNV Nation)

Keyboard/Synths and costuming by Martin Gore (Depeche Mode)

Cymbals, triangle and the jokes in-between songs by Morrissey (Morrissey)


Los Angeles Versus Austin to the Death!

One for the ladies because I know they all love Leon...
February Something, 2007

On Valentines Day I wear black.

On St. Patrick’s Day I also wear black.

And while we are on the subject of holidays, KUNG HEI FAT CHOI to everyone on Chinese New Year! On that day, I will probably be wearing black.

Got this week: The Departed.

I wanted to see the movie in theaters, but money being short (about five foot three, an inch shorter than me if you do not include the spiky hair) I decided to help destroy the theater business and wait for DVD. I AM A HUGE FAN OF INFERNAL AFFAIRS. Those are the best crime dramas anywhere. One of my favourite moments in HK was being able to see the third Infernal Affairs in Hong Kong in a movie theater (My favourite touristy thing was the Buddha at Po Lin Monastery and DVD shopping by the Chunking Mansions).

But anyway, I am looking forward to watching the Departed.

I had someone ask me to describe Filipino food and at first I did not know what to say. It is like the Filipino concept of ‘marienda’, which at first I thought was just another word for snack time but apparently is a cultural thing where you invite someone just over to pay your respect to them for being a friend, over snacks of course. Or something like that, thing is there was more to it than I thought. So on the spot I said it was like Chinese food mixed with Mexican food with a touch of soul food.

Which I think is right. We got the noodles and egg rolls, we got the empanadas and we also get the attitude and deep fried attributes of soul food.

And I still want to get some halo-halo. And some veggie kare-kare (if there is such a thing).

Just for the hell of it, I would like to post this link: www.StasiaKuehlem.piczo.com

Because even vegetarians like meat every now and then.

Currently listening to the single of Sweet Surrender by Sarah McLachland, the first time in a while. It is the only thing of hers I have ever picked up although I have deep respect for her. Some sweet remixes here too, which I thought was an odd discovery. I came across her over at LAX and wanted to say hi, except she was cussing out one, lone paparazzi who just kept clicking away. Live in LA for a few years or so and you are bound to see something like that at least once.

Interesting blog update from the boys at www.myspace.com/vnvnation. Some funny stuff there, I just wish they would confirm if they are playing SXSW or not so I can see if I will pony up the $250.00 or so for wristbands.

"Judgement Day is not coming, soon enough"

For the folks back home there is an interesting study/contest at http://www.nbc4.tv/traffic/11010753/detail.html about how fast it would take to go from Northridge (in the beautiful San Fernando Valley where I hail from or at least went to college) to downtown Los Angeles during rush hour. For those not in the know, this is about a roughly twenty mile drive, which I have done before prior to rush hour in the early morning the shortest time taking about twenty five minutes. You realize I left at 6am to accomplish that taking the 101 all the way. I have no GPS or a working radio in my car.

These guys left at about 8:45am and most were armed with the latest technologies to do it (one only gets a map). I would have liked to see all of them just do it blind and see how long it takes them.

The guy with just the map won.

He was also credited as being the most experienced LA driver amongst the bunch. But it still took him 70 minutes to drive 20 miles, which is honestly an average time to take there for that distance in rush hour. And apparently just five years from now, it will take 20 minutes longer.

Now to where I live to where I work in down town Austin is roughly the same distance, 20 miles. And I still leave before the crack of dawn to miss all the traffic and just like in LA, it takes me 25-30 minutes to get there (average speed 60-65 miles per hour- I am no speed demon like the rest of Texas). I took roughly the same route once in the late afternoon rush hour traffic and it took me 75-90 minutes.

So, LA vs. Austin traffic? No difference if you go or are stuck during rush hour.


And one for the guys because I'm fo' real, yo...

Enough of this crap already...

February Something, 2007

Seen this weekend: Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo

It is an okay flick. I love the show for its lightheartedness and sense of fun missing from so many shows, animated or not. This direct to DVD movie started off strong then just loses its energy. Still beautifully animated though.

Also seen? The Amazing Screw-On Head. Totally awesome, funny (although a bit forced) and just beautiful to look at. Mike Mignola is a genius.

Oh, it is Valentine’s Day sometime this week. Or break-your-heart-and/or-wallet day as I like to call it. Hope you guys “get some” on this day.

Average rents for apartments in Ventura County are $1,485. Dude, that is a lot of money to be spending a month for an apartment.

And hey, Johnny Rotten stating that Greenday is not a punk band? Old news, I have been saying that for years.

And I am so sick of the Police now I wish they would break up again.

By the way, saw an ad for www.fightglobalwarming.com the other night and am pleased that they are trying to get the word out that our actions are endangering this planet. Of course, there are still those out there who are unconvinced or just plain apathetic. It reminds me of Superman’s origin story, of how Jor-El tries to convince the powers that be that environmental disasters will spell doom for the planet Krypton. Of course they did not believe him. So in a hundred years or so, as we tumble into the abyss, the great-grandchild of Al Gore will be propelled into space to search for a habitable planet where he (or she) will develop super powers.

Come, Descendant of L-Gor, kneel before ZOD!

Tickieboo or whatever it was that Morris said.

Two hours of the Bauer Power Hour and it is interesting that each episode were completely different, showing the range the show can go. From the almost no-stop balls-to-the-wall action of the first hour complete with twists, gun-fu fights, cool helicopter-car chase, power drill to your shoulder blades, head shots, betrayals to the slow, tense filled build up of the second episode. The two episodes are so far my favourites of the season aside from the opening four parter.

So, Farmer-Tower-Giant-Grandpa Bauer finally shows his evil side to everyone (well, to Rena Sofer) and takes Male-Kim hostage. That motherfucker is cold- he killed his son and now has no qualms about killing his own grandson. Just so he can cover his own ass.

And the Russians are the secret bad guys of the season?

And are they trying to assassinate the Principal of Sunnydale High School? Nah, too easy, something else is afoot. Say it together now- the VP is evil. Let us just hope this does not involve his sister and WAAAAAALIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!

And Fayed has the escape prowess of the dude in Season 4 who was the Mummy (MARWAN!). Poof! His men are dead, the building is surrounded and yet he gets away in a helicopter!

And Milo gets some field work! Being middle management means knowing to pull the pin off a grenade and tossing it into a crate of other grenades so you can cover your escape.

Plus I love this comment from the AICN talkbacks:

The computer geek turned mid-level manager did more than 90% of the trained field agents ever manage. I think it proves my theory that the only thing the field agents are trained to do is make a perimeter and stay out of sight. Government cut backs meant they couldn't afford the next two training sessions. "How to stop the main bad guy escaping" and "How not to die yourself".


Ten Stars! (Five per episode)


Yet More Crap

Oh, Winona...
February Something, 2007

Just browsing through stuff I found a listing of a Star Trek episode where "Mr. Spock succumbs to a powerful mating urge and nearly kills Captain Kirk."

I knew the show was progressive, but who knew it was that progressive? Now I have got to find out which episode that was (sources say it was Amok Time, but I think it was a different one, probably Where No Man Has Gone Before, because that is where Spock went).

Woo Hoo!

The Chinese Lunar New Year is just around the corner and I am happy to hear that the “Chinatown” that is just a glorified strip mall here in Austin is having some stuff to celebrate the occasion. Activities include a kid’s area (inflatable bouncy stuff), live international entertainment (last time it was Vietnamese pop singers, I hear Andy Lau is headlining this year- hah, yeah right), martial arts demonstration (see little kids who can kick your ass!), lion and dragon dance performance (these just rock) and tons of door prize give-aways. The door prizes from last time they did something like this was pretty spectacular (they were giving away trips to anywhere in Asia!), the only catch is that you have to sit and wait for like forever while they do their presentations which can get tedious (I can take only so much Vietnamese pop sang to prerecorded music) as they announce the winning raffle tickets.

Still, I am looking forward to the lion and dragon dancers, fireworks going off all over the place, the smell of good Chinese food in the air, little red packets (known to as ang-pow which is what Malaysian Chinese call them, Holly refers to them as something else) and my annual tradition of watching HK movies (what else?).

Too bad there is not a real Chinatown here with places you can get non-bootleg HK flicks for cheap, decent bootlegs of movies that are otherwise not available in Region One DVD’s and other import items. But the MT Supermarket is great for Asian food and for the HK flicks- I would like to thank the laughing Buddha for www.yesasia.com . They have (mostly) free shipping now which is even greater. Now, if only I had $$$ to buy stuff from there. I gotta remember that they have other things there aside from DVD’s, too.


Still more crap

February Something, 2007

Nice clean car lasted three days before the rain came again.

Oh, well.

It is an odd day in paradise when I am listening to Cantopop. It is actually the companion soundtrack album to Infernal Affairs II although honestly, I do not remember them movies having that many songs but then again, do I really look for Cantopop tunes when I watch movies? The answer is no, by the way. Besides, I cannot understand a word of what they are singing.

And moving on to better music, the new album from VNV Nation, Judgment is up for pre-order and I am so there (it comes out April 10th). I think I will order the new Combichrist album along with it.

For some reason I am reminded of a time a bazillion years ago when I won a handwriting contest. This was in Sunday school and we were supposed to inscribe the Lord’s Prayer or something the best, most beautiful way we can and have the whole thing judged by a visiting bishop. The fact that I won pissed off a kid named Roger who was two years ahead of me and an admitted (and decent) artistic type who when I had left for high school here in the states and when I returned after graduating found he was held back and was now two years behind me. He was not stupid; he just liked high school that much.

So when the bishop picked my handwriting the best, he presented his ring to me to kiss (as is the tradition with bishops) and me not knowing that, I just took his hand and shook it thereby guaranteeing me a lifetime and a half of hell. I still will not kiss a ring on a guy’s hand. That is just plain weird.

And just plain weird is the debate about skinny models being banned. Remember that in many classical paintings, broads had meat on them. I think this is just a fad and in a hundred years or so, it may swing back into healthier proportions. It is okay to be skinny, just do not endanger yourself trying to be a sack of bones. Likewise it is okay to be meaty- just do not gorge yourself when it becomes the fad to be meaty again. What does disturb me though, are the images of the models and they all look like they are eight years old or younger. That is just plain sick. Where are all the MILF-like models?

Oh, and can we quit it about the astronaut who went wacko? I still have respect for people willing to sit on a bomb to voyage into the final frontier.

And another just off the wall query to all of you: ARE THERE ANY OTHER FILIPINOS IN AUSTIN, TEXAS? I am just curious; I am in the mood for some halo-halo.


More Crap that I wrote

Starting off with some nice pics of the chick from Better Luck Tomorrow...

February Something, 2007

So Grandpa Bauer is the truly evil one and Blue Tooth Bauer is just someone tired of living in his brother’s shadow? I guess so. Totally awesome how Grandpa Bauer sweetly kisses his son on the forehead after he gives him an agonizing death. Too bad it smells like jumping the shark by making Jack’s relatives evil, but hey- I am willing to stick it out to see what happens. I just hope that Rena Sofer and Jack do not get together now that the brother is hanging out with David, Michelle and Nina Myers. Soul Patch is not dead- Zombie Almeida is just waiting for the right time to rrrrrrrrrrrrise…..

Funny to see Jack be both good cop (just tell, don’t make me do this, just breathe) and bad cop (TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!) while interrogating his brother though.

By the way, is the Vice President evil again? (No, but he is actually Lord Vigo)

Morris is the one computer engineer that they want? A little too convenient right there, buddy.

And by the way, if Grandpa Bauer is evil, why did he kill his own men?

Something is fishy here.

But next week is a two hour show and it looks like Jack finally goes all John Woo again. This is always a good thing.


And he says the immortal line, “WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”

I am so there.


Some things fell into the plot too easily, but always forgiven by the time the cliffhanger rolls around.

And speaking of falling into the plot too easily I also caught some Heroes during the commercial breaks and Nathan Petrelli being the cheerleader’s father? Watch out for the shark! Too obvious there, buddy.

By the way, did you know that at the outbreak of WWII, Filipinos living in the United States were barred from acquiring US citizenship, buying property and serving in the military by the 1934 Tydings-McDuffie act? We were also barred from marrying anyone outside of our race.

Oh and to the people who have kids now and are still living on the West Coast or if you wanna fly your kids there:
*************************OPEN CASTING CALL**************************
Saturday, Feb 10 1-4 PM
10538 Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91601
Looking for ENTHUSIASTIC KIDS for an independent feature family comedy
(1) young Asian boy 8-13 (preferably Chinese)(2) young overweight Asian boy 8-13 (preferably Chinese)(3) young Indian/Pakistani boy 8-14
From the producers of "Quinceanera" and "Better Luck Tomorrow"


Some Crap that I Wrote

February Something, 2007

I just realized that pretty soon there will not be any kids at Casa Pacifica that were even born in the eighties let alone remember it.

Anyway, nice to see the sun and feel the warmth again. Of course, in less than three months, you will hear me complaining about how hot it is around here. Either way, it was nice to finally give the car/s a good wash and restore them to their original colour. I am knocking on wood and hoping that it was not the dirt that was holding everything together. Some kids at Casa Pacifica helped me the last time I washed the car, if you want to know how long it has been since it got a rinse.

I read this article at http://www.hyphenmagazine.com/blog/archives/2007/02/one_cranky_asia.html#more and reread the one at http://www.brightlightsfilm.com/18/18_yellow.html and reminded that in a country originally inhabited by the red skin and now primarily ruled by those originally from the Caucus Mountains that people like me will never 100% fit in. But thankfully we do not have John Wayne trying to be Genghis Khan anymore although the recent Rosie O’Donnell debacle was suspiciously hushed as we forgot that she does not think much of Asians as she went to Trump her next target. Was she not once the Queen of Nice and now is just the Queen-whose-head-must-be-bashed-in?

More pics of what the Transformers are going to look like in the live action movie have gone online. My favourite design so far is for the Decepticon helicopter, Blackout I think is the name- very evil mecha. The one I hate the most is the new one they put up of Frenzy- who in earlier drafts of the script was Soundwave. Either way, the design is nothing more than a stick figure with spiny bits. And he has evil CD’s. Whoever designed this guy must have their head bashed in.

Then there are the designs for Ironhide and Ratchet. I think the Autobot designs have fared better than the Decepticon ones. These two for example just look awesome. Yes, the look nothing like the original designs but they exhibit a sense of power that is expected when you are looking big giant robots. I have also come to accept the Bumblebee design although I may hold judgment on the Optimus Prime design until I see the movie. The retractable faceplate and the emoting eyes look pretty goofy in the designs I have seen but the figure looks amazing in that Empire magazine cover.

As for the Jazz design- I am also waiting to see more designs or see how he looks on the big screen. The character is a favourite of mine as he was the first Transformer I owned. I am pretty ‘jazzed’ that they kept his facial design, weird visor and all.

For the Decepticons, aside from the helicopter, they are all pretty ugly. I tend to like what I have seen of Megatron, but he just looks nothing like the original character. Starscream is a big robotic monkey, the wannabe constructicon looks just dumb and the Skorponok one dumber. The police car has an awesome vehicle mode- but the robot leaves a lot to be desired.

But then again the Decepticons are the bad guys and bad guys are ugly anyway.

And all bad guys need to have their heads bashed in.

And yes, I am going to drive the heads-bashed-in thing to the ground. My head must be bashed in.


I will be happy when the Transformers movie has come and gone so I can stop talking like a lifeless fan boy and get on with the important things in life.

Like the Stardust movie, whose release date has been moved up to August 10th.


About 500 bands have confirmed for SXSW. So far then only one I HAVE to, HAVE to, HAVE to see is VNV Nation. Interpol is going to be there, I would not mind seeing them, but then again, no loss if I do not.

And here are other bands that I do not care about if they show up at SXSW or not (but say they will be, list taken from someone else who did all the work):

120 Days
Ad Astra Per Aspera
Against Me!
Albert Hammond Jr.
Alela Diane
Alexi Murdoch
Alina Simone
AM Syndicate
Amy Millan
Amy Winehouse
An Angle
Andrew Winton
Andrew WK
Ane Brun
Apes & Androids
Apollo Sunshine
Apostle Of Hustle
Apples In Stereo
Architecture In Helsinki
Ariel Pink
As He Bled
As Tall As Lions
Asobi Seksu
Attack Formation
Audible Mainframe
Awesome Cool Dudes
Badly Drawn Boy
Band Of Bees
Bang Gang
Baptist Generals
Beach House
Beasts Of Bourbon
Bedroom Walls
Besnard Lakes
Best Fwends
Bic Runga
Big A little a
Big Business
Bishop Allen
Black Fiction
Black Helicopter
Black Lips
Black Moth Super Rainbow
Black Rose Band
Blake Miller
Bloc Party
Blonde Redhead
Bloody Hollies
Blues Control
Bonde Do Role
Bosque Brown
Bound Stems
Brave Radar
Brett Dennen
Brothers & Sisters
Buffalo Killers
Buildings Breeding
Call Me Lightning
Car Stereo (Wars)
Carly Binding
Casket Salesmen
Catfish Haven
Charlie Louvin
Children Collide
Chingo Bling
Chris Bathgate
Chris Garneau
Chris Lee
Chris Mills
Chris Smither
Circa Survive
Clipd Beaks
Cold War Kids
Crooked Still
Crystal Castles
Cute Is What We Aim For
Dallas Crane
Damien Dempsey
Daniel Johnston
Danny Saul
Dark Meats
David and the Citizens
David Cross
David Vandervelde
Daylight's For The Birds
Dead Rock West
Dead Town Revival
Dear and the Headlights
Devin The Dude
Die! Die! Die
Dirty Fuzz
Dirty On Purpose
Dirty Projectors
Disco Ensemble
Do Make Say Think
Duncan Sheik
Ecstatic Sunshine
Eilen Jewell
Elemeno P
Emily Haines
Emma Pollock (ex-Delgados)
Emmylou Harris
Erase Errata
Eugene McGuinness
Every Move a Picture
Experimental Aircraft
Faceless Werewolves
Fatal Flying Guilloteens
Ferraby Lionheart
Field Guides
Fight the Quiet
Fionn Regan
Forward Russia
Four Year Strong
Frida Hyvonen
Friends of Dean Martinez
Frog Eyes
Fujiya & Miyagi
Future Of The Left
Gasoline Cowboy
George Byrne
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
Ghostland Observatory
Girl Talk
Glacier Hiking
Go! Go! 7188
Golden Dogs
Good Shoes
Grand Island
Great Lakes Myth Society
Gruff Rhys
Hard Lessons
Haunt (Matt Hebert)
Hazey Janes
Hello Stranger
Hero Pattern
High Dials
Hit By a Bus
Holy Fuck
Hoodoo Gurus
Hot Club De Paris
Hot Cross
House of Fools
I Heart Hiroshima
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
I Walk The Line
Ian Wadley
Ice Age Cobra
Imperial Teen
IV Thieves
Jamie T
Jeffrey Foucault
Jeremy Warmsley
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter
Jessie Deluxe
John Digweed
Josh Pyke
Kaki King
Kate Walsh
Kill Surf City
Kings Of Leon
Kris Delmhorst
Kristoffer Ragnstam
Lab Partners
Ladybug Transistor
Land of Talk
Les Savy Fav
Lexie Mountain Boys
Lily Allen
Lionheart Brothers
Lions in the Street
Little Birdy
Little Man
Little Man Tate
Little Ones
Loney Dear
Los Abandoned
Louis XIV
Love In October
Luminous Orange
LZ Love
Magik Markers
Mando Diao
Margot and the Nuclear So And Sos
Marnie Stern
Mason Proper
Mates Of State
Matt & Kim
Meat Puppets
Melissa Ferrick
Messiah J & The Expert
Michael Zapruder's Rain Of Frogs
Michelle Shocked
Mickey Avalon
Mika Miko
Mint Chicks
Money Waters
Mooney Suzuki
Moonlight Towers
Morning After Girls
Mother Truckers
Mute Math
My Latest Novel
Nellie McKay
New Buffalo
New Violators
New Young Pony Club
Nicole Atkins
Oakley Hall
Octave Museum
Okkervil River
Oreska Band
OWKMJ (Ore Wa Konna Mon Janai)
Oxford Collapse
Painkiller Hotel
Palm School Choir
Patrice Pike
Pattern Is Movement
Paul Collins Beat
Paul Kelly
Pete Townshend
Peter & the Wolf
Peter Elkas
Pig Out
Pilot Spiral
Pink Nasty
Pistol Valve
Plan B
Rachel Fuller
Rachel Sage
Real Ones
Reigning Sound
Richard Swift
Richmond Fontaine
Riverboat Gamblers
Robbers on High Street
Robyn Hitchcock
Rock Plaza Central
Rocky Votolato
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Ruby Isle
Rumble Strips
San Saba County
Sarah Blasko
Saturday Looks Good To Me
Say Hi To Your Mom
Schoolboy Humor
Scissor Sisters
Scout's Honor
Sean Lennon
Secretary Bird
Shaky Hands
Shit Disco
Shout Out Out Out
Simian Mobile Disco
Simple Kid
Sissy Wish
Six Nation State
Small Sins
So So Modern
Sondre Lerche
Sonic Flyer
Sparkle Motion
Stars of Track and Field
Stax 50th Anniversary Soul Review
Steel Train
Steve Earle
Stiletto Formal
Tall Firs
Tally Hall
The 50 Kaitens
The Affair
The Amity Front
The Attorneys
The Automatic
The Berg Sans Nipple
The Big Sleep
The Black Angels
The Black Hollies
The Boggs
The Bravery
The Broken West
The Caribbean
The Cinematics
The Comas
The Creteens
The Dears
The Deaths
The Early November
The Early Years
The Emeralds
The Envy Corps
The Ettes
The Frames
The Fratellis
The Gear
The Gentle Good
The Good, The Bad, and The Queen
The Have
The Hero Factor
The Horrors
The Hot Puppies
The Hourly Radio
The Immediate
The Isles
The Lucky Stiffs
The Melismatics
The Melvins
The Moaners
The Moog
The Narrator
The Needles
The Octopus Project
The Old Soul
The One whose music actually sucks but pretentious Austinites love their music because dude, they are like so indie
The Panda Band
The Phoenix Foundation
The Photo Atlas
The Pipettes
The Ponys
The Presets
The Rosebuds
The Sammies
The Scare
The Secret Fire
The Shivers
The Shondes
The Shys
The Silent Years
The Sleeping
The Soft Hands
The Sterns
The Stooges
The Storys
The Strange Boys
The Sunshine Underground
The Theater Fire
The Thunder Boys
The View
The Walkmen
The Weird Weeds
The White Barons
The Wildhearts
The Wombats
The Young Knives
The Zebras
These Arms Are Snakes
Thinking Aloud
Thirteen Seconds
Thunderbirds Are Now!
Thurston Moore
Tin Bangs
Tiny Masters Of Today
Tom Brosseau
Tom Morello
Trainwreck Riders
Twilight Sad
Under Byen
Union Of Knives
Via Tania
Victorian English Gentleman's Club
Village Green
Vincent Black Shadow
Vincent Van Go Go
Viva Voce
W-S Burn
Walter Meego
Watson Twins
Wendy Colonna
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Wild Eyes
Wolf and Cub
Wooden Shjips
Wooden Wand
Working For A Nuclear Free City
Yip Yip
Yoko Ono
You Am I
Young Galaxy
Young Love
Youth Group
Zach Galifianakis


Life Sucks or something like that

February Something, 2007 (is it really?)

I have been thinking about this the past couple of days. I believe I have seen my future and I first saw it a couple of years ago but I did not realize it until now.

I am turning into Lester Burnham, the guy Kevin Spacey played in American Beauty. From the beginning of the movie at least.

Oh well.

As long as Chris Cooper does not buy the house next door, I’ll be fine.

Anyway, my boring, sucky life still has room for the 24 HOUR BAUER POWER HOUR!


Why did Jack and his brother get the short genes? Because they were adopted so next season their biological father, Donald Sutherland can still show up. Oh, and Barbaro had to be put down because Jack found out the horse had some valuable Intel and would not just give it up. And Lord Vigo is behind everything, hence that guy that got Karen Hayes to resign. Soon, Jack will be firing orange goop instead of bullets.

“WHO ARE YOU ARE WORKING FOR!? On, and by the way, I love you man…”

The first six hours are done, and usually the show has six hour acts. It looks like the show is a bit different this year and the first act ended when they blew up Magic Mountain. Maybe they are doing them in four hour acts now. Which means something big is going to happen in a couple of weeks and then something bigger on President’s Day when they usually do another two episode show.

In a related genre, I finished up the last season of Alias on DVD. The last season had some truly good episodes and one truly crap one. The crap one is the first episode where they kill off Vaughn (not that it was crap that Vaughn was killed- that episode just sucked overall). Luckily the show does get better (though still nowhere as good as the first two seasons were). The worst part is still the Rimbaldi stuff and the Sloan stuff. 24 has spoiled me in the issue of recurring bad guys when Jack put a bullet in Nina Myers’ head when enough was enough. They should have done the same to Sloan a long time ago. Overall the show is good, but not great- definitely in the realm of b-movie material. The second season is the best and there are really no bad seasons- just seasons with bad episodes and an overall storyline that just dragged. Still, I’d watch the show all over again- just not anytime soon.

It currently looks like July of this year will be good month to be a Fan Boy. First of all there is always the Nerd Prom, also known as the San Diego Comicon. Which always looks cool but I am always reminded, do you want to be in a room full of Comic Book Guys, in the height of summer just to see a guy you can barely see from the back of the auditorium try to sell you his book/movie/whatever? Plus, pay the hundreds of dollars for a three day pass (or even whatever the price is for a one day pass) just to be charged exorbitant amounts for food, souvenirs and the one book/toy/thing you have always wanted but could not fine anywhere else? I will pass for now, although if you want to you can pick up some freebies for me.

But aside from Nerd Prom, there is the Transformers movie (July 4th), which I am still looking forward to, despite what everyone is saying and what I have seen. Big, giant robots are awesome and I still want a Gundam. It will be a stupid movie with things blowing up but as long as it is as fun as a good Godzilla movie is, I will be happy. By the way a god Godzilla movie is any made during the Hensei era, that GMK movie, the Mecha-Godzilla duology and even Final Wars. A bad Godzilla movie was the American one and some of the trippy ones made in the seventies.

Also in July there is the Stardust movie (July 27th), one of my favourite Neil Gaiman books- my signed hard cover is one of my treasured possessions. Not too sure about Matthew Vaughn, though- Layer Cake had its moments but is not as great as it could have been. The visuals I have seen online have not blown me away, but then again- not much could match up to the visuals that Charles Vess originally provided. And Claire Danes is in it, an actress I very much admire despite never really having seen much of My So Called Life.

And then on July 24th, my other favourite author, Warren Ellis comes out with his first full length novel, Crooked Little Vein. I am so looking forward to this and hope that plenty of heads of puny humans get bashed in during the search of the true Constitution.

And three days later the last Harry Potter book comes out. I am still hoping the book ends the same way Neon Genesis Evangelion did, forcing all the young minds that read it to contemplate their lives, go all deviant or go forever into hiding. I did not at all care for Books 5 & 6, but hope that Book 7 kicks much booty.


Kids born in 1987 turn twenty this year. Hell, kids born in 1990 turn seventeen this year.

You, sir, are old.

Oh, so very old.

Remember the first VCR machines that were huge, top loading and had features like the one where you can erase the audio and record other audio on top of that? Kids born twenty years ago do not.

Then there is the reminder that the original Star Wars came out thirty years ago.

Oh, and by the way:

Stop by CD Trader this Saturday & Sunday to receive 10% off all USED CDs (yellow tag). We need to clear some space for some new collections and we will love you oh so much if you can help!

CD Trader is located at 18926 Ventura Blvd in Tarzana, between the Tampa & Reseda exits off the beautiful 101 freeway. Hours Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 11am-7pm.


Dammit, I find these funny- someone kill me now

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