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You likked my master...

December 01, 2006

Eventually, English write and talk I write good and trying to not sound like cheesy sbutitle from Hong Kong movie. Pretty good, yes?

Shadowless Kick!


Or I should at least start to check my grammar and spelling.


You killed my master...

December 01, 2006

Eventually, English write and talk I write good and trying to not sound like cheesy sbutitle from Hong Kong movie. Pretty good, yes?

Shadowless Kick!


Or I should at least start to check my grammar and spelling.


Did you know she's fourty?


Stupid Weather

November 30, 2006

It is supposed to drop thirty degrees this week and they are threatening a freeze. I just hope I do not find my car encased in ice again.

I may have mentioned this before, but I find it odd that there so much Superman at home. Besides the comics (there are a few, not a lot, I only recently finally added one of his titles to my list at the comic book store and mostly because Adam Kubert is drawing, but nonetheless the comics are there), there are the shows. Holly has all the Smallvilles and Lois & Clarks, I have the Bruce Timm animated show (not to mention the Justice Leagues), the Max Fleisher shorts and the good Christopher Reeve movies. Then I got the Bryan Singer film the other day (I refuse to get the Richard Pryor one or the one with the Nuclear Man, although I may break down and get the non-Richard Donner Superman II eventually). I also have an old weathered shirt with the S-Shield on it (I am looking for a new one) and the John Williams theme on my computer. And I saw John Williams conduct a suite from the movies at the Hollywood Bowl which was totally awesome.

I also wear glasses (mostly because I hate touching my eyeballs to put in lenses and secretly because no one recognizes me without them just like the Man of Tomorrow- seriously, no one recognizes me). As a kid, I tried to force my hair into that s-curl and yes, the towel as a cape.

There is just something about the Last Son of Krypton.

By the way, a real life Rimbaldi Device has been found (or had been found, they had known of the thing for at lest a hundred years). Details at http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/science/nature/6191462.stm

Technically though, this predated the fictional genius. And it is more proof that the fall of the Roman Empire set civilization back at least a thousand years. Yes, I know the thing is actually Greek, but the statement remains. An analog computer from way back when. We could have had flying cars by now.


Help These Guys out...

SATURDAY 12.9.2006

21+ To Drink
BYOB (Bring your own booze AND soft-drinks!!)
Doors @ 10PM
In case you didnt know: PANZER AG is a COMBICHRIST side-project: http://www.myspace.com/panzerag http://www.panzer-ag.com http://www.vampirefreaks.com/u/PanzerAG

Weekend Wrap Up

November 29, 2006

“Put a Filipino in Antarctica and in one month they will be one with the penguins.”
-From an LA Times article at http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-bebot22nov22,1,7315857.story?coll=la-headlines-california&ctrack=1&cset=true

I am not one for hip-hop, but the Black Eyed Peas’ Bebot does stir my Filipino pride, which is what the article linked above, is about. The article translates the lyrics badly and laughably - it loses something in their translation. The quote above relates to how easy us FOB’s assimilate to any culture we encounter which is true to an extent and does not really apply to all Pinoys. I believe we just have an advantage as a majority of us came here (or to other westernized countries) with a firm grasp of English already. There are not many of us, for example, in Italy as many of us do not know how to speak Italian. But in countries where English is widely spoken, sooner or later you will run into one of us.


And the number one reason I hate vacations or long weekends? Because at the end of them is usually when you finally get used to the non-work schedule and then you have to throw that out the window and attempt to get back to the regular work schedule. Take the Thanksgiving weekend for example. Everyday I did not have to I was up the time I usually am for work despite my hardest to want to sleep in. And the day I have to go to work is when I finally have to urge to sleep in. See how that works?

More proof that I am hated and that my life sucks.

Seen that Thanksgiving Weekend I was talking about:

Hustle Season 1:
Damn, I love this show. I am a big fan of Spooks AKA MI5 and have heard a lot about this show (and many have said that Hustle is superior to Spooks; I am not ready to call this show that yet, I have too much love for the Spy-Fi genre- not that I like Spooks just because it is full of spies instead of con artists). Anyway, the people at Kudos Entertainment are two for two for great shows (now I just have to see if Life on Mars is any good). I really cannot say more without sounding repetitive, let us just say there are great characters, good suspense (not as life or death as it is in Spooks), the idea of conning only those who deserve to be conned (never con an honest man, there are those who want something for nothing and we give them nothing for something) and just great fun.

10 Stars (out of 5)

Veronica Mars Season 2:
I am not a huge fan of this show (Holly is) despite loving a good detective tale. I think it is because I am a little put off at how whitewash the cast is. The investigation of the week is a tad weak although the major who-done-it arc usually pulls me in. Season 2 is as good for me as Season 1.

3 Stars (out of 5)

Mission Impossible 3:
Remember how I said I like Spy-Fi? I did not care for the first Mission Impossible movie, and the second one is the worst John Woo movie ever. Tom Cruise is a capable actor, it is just that his off screen persona just permeates into everything he does on screen (and his off screen persona is just annoying). However this movie is the closest thing you would get to an Alias movie. Just replace Cruise with Sydney Bristow, IMF with SD6/CIA/APO, and the White Rabbit thing with a random Rimbaldi thing and there you have it. Other that that, I was pleasantly surprised that the movie was actually pretty damn good. Philip Seymour Hoffman is an awesome take-no-shit bad guy; we should have more characters like him in movies like these.

3.5 Stars (out of 5)

King Kong: Extended Edition
Good but not great. Too much of a remake (in that all the story beats are too predictable), I would have loved to see Peter Jackson go reinterpretation instead. The Skull Island bits are the best and the only reason to see this movie, extended or not.

2.5 Stars (out of 5)

X-Files: The Last Episodes
The ninth season sucked, especially after the great (but not as great as the early seasons) season eight mythology episodes. The ninth season had a decent opening two parter but that is about it. The finale was okay, I am not disappointed that it ended in a cliffhanger; I am disappointed that it ended in a whimper.

1 Star (out of 5, but still one of my favourite shows and hope that a ‘Next Generation” thing happens eventually)

Also seen this weekend was a Good Morning America segment on the death of record stores across the country, specifically Tower Records (which should not be a surprise as who could afford to pay at least $18 for a CD there). I will miss Tower Records anyway. I always liked their great selection of things and for being the last place I know of that still sold CD singles. The one in Woodland Hills was a regular haunt for me as they did not close until midnight every night and I would wander there during my long gone college years if I was bored to read magazines and find singles from bands I wanted to check out.

As for the death of the record store in general, I hope those rumors are exaggerated. For sure, electronic stores like Best Buy would still carry CD’s and such, but record stores like Amoeba records, (my personal fave) CD Trader in Tarzana and locally, Waterloo and Cheapo Discs should be around a while longer. I do not mind the various mp3 players (although I still do not have one) and the IPOD is the new walkman. But it will be a while before I can plop down $300.00 for decent player (I have my eye on the IPOD video) and even longer before I can afford to buy all the songs I want off the internet. In the meanwhile, you can find me listening to my archaic CD player, flipping through the racks and hoping to find that one VNV Nation CD that is out of print.

And also obtained this weekend whilst beating up geeks left and right in the early morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving prior to proclaiming it a No Buy Weekend in an effort to not be a zombie: ABSOLUTE SANDMAN Volume One.

Finally. A giant monster of a book with beautiful archival quality paper that showcases the artwork and binding that hopefully does not unravel after a thousand times of reading the book. This is a completely selfish purchase as I already have the stories in other form (even the extras are told better in the companion book from Hy Bender). But the stories have never appeared in better form (The Dream of a Thousand Cats is an awesome example).

Is it worth the $99 price tag (I got it half off on sale)? I cannot answer that, the stories are available in more affordable formats, but damn it- the book looks good on a bookshelf.

Read this weekend:
Runaways #22: I am bummed that this is the last storyline by the current creative line up. It just will not be the same no matter who follows it up. And they have already done a fake Nico Minoru death; will they do it for real this time? I hope they do not fake us out again but then again, I also hope they do not kill off my favourite character.

Slightly disappointed: No zombie reenactments at the malls and stores as I accompanied Holly.

Not disappointed: At the sight of the real zombies as they searched for the elusive bargain although chances are they do not need that thing they eventually bought.

Really disappointed: The amount of discarded packaging seen at the San Marcos Outlets.

Almost became a zombie: If they still had a $400 laptop at Best Buy.


At first light lay proud foundations. Sense the greatness that before you unfolds. Seek no more for hollow answers. Answers that lay within you all along. Farewell to dawns seen through saddened eyes. Farewell to pasts to sorrows chained. Forget your fears. You will have everything. You will be strong and want no more. You'll be adored. You will have everything. Forget your fears and want no more.

Thanks, Now buy Nothing or be loudQUIETloud...

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good feast.

Or something like that. I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving as more so that Christmas, the day seem more relaxed (and the fact that I never seem to get any presents, only coal- I blame it on bad karma from another life). It could be that Thanksgiving is the first long holiday after a while (more so this year as we did not have Veteran’s Day off) and more likely, because I never had to be in charge of the cooking.

And nothing says America more than an All American Thanksgiving Day feast with all the trimmings at the Filipino household of my Uncle’s place (and the noticeable lack Filipino food making it odd as well). I will not be there this year as I live a couple of thousand miles away now. And I also will not be at the other place where I like to have Thanksgiving, which is with the left-behind-neglected kids at my old job (with all the Turkey and Cider you could take home!).

I do not have a Texas tradition for Thanksgiving yet, last year as it is this year; it was just sexy Holly, the wonderful, wonderful cats who provide much fun and warmth on cold days and me, the troll. We will probably stay in that day, I will make my noodles with bok-choi and fake meat, and Holly can have her ossu-boocoo (or whatever it is called) and the cats can have their wet food as we sleep in till 1pm and watch movies all day (I am hoping to finally finish off the X-Files and watch the extended version of Peter Jackson’s King Kong. The theatrical version had tons of pacing problems very much like the Return of the King, but I am hopeful because the extended version of ROTK solved all the pacing problems and became a very kick ass movie instead of an incoherent sucky one).

This is also my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian which means I will never have a real traditional Thanksgiving ever again. This is fine by me, damn weird looking birds (reminds me of the time I helped my Uncle slaughter a chicken and cook it. I love adobo, but for the love of Ganesha, for some reason I could not eat what I helped kill. Doesn’t man-law state that if you kill it, you eat it? I guess I am not a real man. You have found out my secret- I am a robot. Have any of you seen a guy by the name of John Connor, by the way? Contact me if you do).

Then there is Black Friday. When the rest of you try to kill me for taking that parking spot at the mall.

The only places I want to be at are the comic book stores so I can finally (hoping they are sold out) get Absolute Sandman and Lost Girls and not worry about what to eat the rest of the month. Looking at the Black Friday ads online, I am currently under whelmed at the offerings, which is a good thing as I am trying to save some money.

And by strange coincidence, the day after Thanksgiving is also the day designated in the States to be Buy Nothing Day, a day I have followed but not necessarily participated in for a few years now. The notion is one that I love. Massive consumerism is one of the downfalls of our present way of life. We have way too much than what we need (which includes me too, by the way; I am as guilty as you are, but I want to streamline my life). The trash generated from all the packaging alone is very disheartening. That and many people turn into assholes when they want to grab something on sale.

The other problem is that Black Friday is one of the few times of the year that certain things come within range of affordability of some people (again, me included as I do not have as much disposable income as some of you, hence me waiting rather than waste $175.00 pre-tax for two comic books). My only consolation is that on Black Fridays I underbuy, getting only what I need (with special thanks to the internet for posting in advance the sale prices days, sometimes weeks earlier) and refraining from any and all impulse buying.

And also, I do tend to observe the international date of Buy Nothing Day which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I know the organizers behind the event are trying to make a statement by making Buy Nothing Day the same day as Black Friday, but I believe they would make a bigger impact (and be nice to those with tight wallets) by making it Saturday locally as well.

And some stores are opening at 12:01am on Back Friday. That is just fcuking nuts.

Anyway, here is a press release from Adbusters:

(November 25 [and for me] outside of North America)

THE ULTIMATE REFUND: On November 24th and 25th - the busiest days in the American retail calendar and the unofficial start of the international Christmas-shopping season - thousands of activists and concerned citizens in 65 countries will take a 24-hour consumer detox as part of the 14th annual Buy Nothing Day, a global phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada.

From joining zombie marches (!) through malls (if anyone is doing any local Dawn of the Dead reenactments, contact me!) to organizing credit card cut-ups and shopoholic clinics, Buy Nothing Day activists aim to challenge themselves, their families and their friends to switch off from shopping and tune back into life for one day. Featured in recent years by the likes of CNN, Wired, the BBC, and the CBC, the global event is celebrated as a relaxed family holiday, as a non-commercial street party, or even as a politically charged public protest. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending.

Reasons for participating in Buy Nothing Day are as varied as the people who choose to participate. Some see it as an escape from the marketing mind games and frantic consumer binge that has come to characterize the holiday season, and our culture in general. Others use it to expose the environmental and ethical consequences of overconsumption.

Two recent, high-profile disaster warnings outline the sudden urgency of our dilemma. First, in October, a global warming report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern predicted that climate change will lead to the most massive and widest-ranging market failure the world has ever seen. Soon after, a major study published in the journal Science forecast the near-total collapse of global fisheries within 40 years.

Kalle Lasn, co-founder of the Adbusters Media Foundation, which was responsible for turning Buy Nothing Day into an international annual event, said, “Our headlong plunge into ecological collapse requires a profound shift in the way we see things. Driving hybrid cars and limiting industrial emissions is great, but they are band-aid solutions if we don’t address the core problem: we have to consume less. This is the message of Buy Nothing Day.”

As Lasn suggests, Buy Nothing Day isn't just about changing your habits for one day. It’s about starting a lasting lifestyle commitment to consuming less and producing less waste. With six billion people on the planet, the onus if on the most affluent - the upper 20% that consumes 80% of the world’s resources - to begin setting the example.

For more information and media interviews contact

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 604-736-9401
EMAIL: media-pr@adbusters.org

Editor’s Notes

[1] For more information on Adbusters, Buy Nothing Day, or to watch Kalle Lasn’s 2004 Buy Nothing Day interview with CNN visit www.adbusters.org

[2] Buy Nothing Day facts:
* The first BND was organized in Vancouver in September 1992, an idea by artist Ted Dave, as a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption.
* In 1997, it was moved to the Friday after American Thanksgiving, which is the busiest shopping pre-Christmas weekend in the US. Outside of North America, BND is usually celebrated on the following Saturday.
* Despite controversies, Adbusters managed to advertise BND on CNN, but many other major TV networks declined to air their ads.
* Soon, campaigns started appearing in US, UK, Israel, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, and Norway. Participation now spans over 65 nations.

[3] Shopping and consumption facts:
* Per capita consumption in the U.S. has risen 45 per cent in the last 20 years.
* Although people today are, on average, four-and-a-half times richer than our great-grandparents were at the turn of the century, Americans report feeling “significantly less well off” than in 1958.
* A recent article in New Scientist featured research suggesting that the more consumer goods you have the more you think you need to make you happy. Happiness through consumption is always out of reach (New Scientist, 4th October 2003, Vol.180, Issue 2415, p44. Available online after registering at www.newscientist.co.uk).

And on other things:

Seen this past weekend: loudQUIETloud

The documentary about the reformation of one of two bands thought to never reform (the other being the Smiths, and when that happens, I lose all respect for Morrissey) and one of my favourite bands, the Pixies. Now, to begin with, I never really liked indie rock, despite living in Austin. Most of the bands just fall into pretentiousness and they all end up sounding alike. Besides, what is indie rock? Is it any band that is not in a major label (then so, I recant because I tend to like a lot of bands that just happen to be on Metropolis Records which is not a major label) or is it any band wanting to be Weezer? I like Weezer, especially the Blue album but are they still considered indie?

I stop now before I rant about emo and sound like an old man. I am not old. I am a hair shy of thirty.

Okay, I am old.

Anyway, The Pixies- the first album I got was a cassette of Trompe Le Monde that was selling used for $0.99 at the Wherehouse when I was a sophomore in high school and the next day Luke Rhodes was crying like a baby because he just heard they broke up (edited for entertainment value, Luke was not really crying that day). Since then, the Pixies have become the only pure guitar band I like (as bands I usually like have a lot of synth or are electronic based). And if you are ever diving down the Pacific Coast Highway or through any desert (preferably in Arizona), listening to them is a must.

And a decade or so later, they fooled the world again as they reunited. This documentary is an interesting take on their daily lives on the comeback tour with some snippets of their regular dysfunctional lives. Interestingly enough, Black Francis aka Frank Black aka Charles Thompson, has the closest to a normal life with two point five kids and a mini van. True story: he almost killed me. I saw him in Santa Barbara years ago and I was up front. At the end of the show he went up to the very tip of the stage, precariously standing and waving to the crowd. He is three times my size, a small slip and he would have squished me. The crowd was very thick, so I had nowhere to go. I later shook his hand, thanking him for not ending my worthless existence.

Then there is the greatest Filipino who ever lived: Joey Santiago. He is just a regular FOB complete with an apartment overrun with his kids’ things. But he plays the surf guitar like no other.

Kim Deal’s damage has been brained after years of being on drugs (like wise for her clone, Kelly). It was cool to finally see Mr. John Murphy who tinges with regret in his small fame as the ex of Kim Deal, as releases his angst as he gets rid of old memorabilia and moves on with his life. Kim Deal has a voice like an angel, plays a mean bass and inspired hordes of cute bass players. She is not a screw up; it just seems she has no life.

The less said about Dave Lovering the better.

Separately, the four of them seem like your everyday losers (of which I am the patron saint of) and when they just hang out, there is that odd uncomfortable silence you see in The Office all the time. But when they are on stage doing what they do best, you can see why they are musical legends. It just sounds so cliché, but ROCK they do.

A decent documentary about a band no one thought they would ever see again. If you love your indie music, you will go nuts for it. If you love the Pixies you will enjoy it as I did, tremendously.

Three Stars.


It never begins the way you want it to. You want to start off strong and want to let the momentum take you defeating the enemies that are inaction and the lack of confidence. But, right from the get go, you hit a snag, you have stalled and you are stuck before you get to go anywhere. One of these days it’ll stop and everything will go as exactly as you’ve planned it. One of these days you’ll get off your ass and do something about your life.

Maybe someday. But for the moment you are analog art in a digital world.

Anyway, the reason Holly and I moved to Texas from California? It is happening (and has been for the past six months or so) and it all culminates the middle of December or thereabouts. Currently, I am experiencing the scared-happy-excited-nervous-How-the-hell-am-going-to-this-It-will-be-all-okay-HOW?-Trust-me-scared-happy-excited thing that all first time home owners go through. I will be happy when all is said and done.


Se7en Kinds

the 7 kind of sexs :

The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face.The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen.The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom.The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long. When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "screw you".The 5th kind of sex is called: Courtroom Sex. This is when you cannot stand your wife/Hubby any more. She/He takes you to court and screwsyou in front of everyone.The 6th kind is called Religious Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night.OOPS. Don't forget the 7th kind of sex - Social Security Sex. You get a little each month. But not enough to live on!

In which the secrets of men are revealed to women

November 11, 2006

A preemptive Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone out there fighting or who has fought for freedom over land, sea and air. Special mention must go to my cousin Gwen and her husband, hope you guys remain safe and sound.

By the way, kaput is German for broken. How about that?

One of my favourite authors, Nury Vitachi answered the following questions on his site http://mrjam.typepad.com , so women may understand us men better. Because there is more than one type of man (Nury is a manly man, I am just a short Asian guy), I will answer the same question so you chicks can finally unravel the mystery that is us. Some of these are just paraphrased already from what Nury has said (because as mentioned before, I have no originality):

1. Why don’t guys talk about their feelings?

Because the real men would use that as an excuse to beat us up.

2. No seriously, why don’t men share what they feel?

You would only use that information for evil. Like tell on us to the real men

3. Why do guys say they’ll call and then don’t call?

Have you seen how intimidating you are?

4. Why do guys only like movies which climax with explosions?

We are easily distracted by bright, shiny things…and with anything with an explosive climax.

5. If you give a baby to a guy, why do they hold them at arm’s length as if the child is an unexploded bio-nuclear weapon?

Because babies are evil and want to take over the world

6. Why do men go straight to sleep after making love?

You tire us out.

7. Why is it that sometimes you ask a guy a question and he just totally ignores it?

What’s for dinner?

8. How come men are incapable of showing emotion to women, but will ply machines like cars and computers with hours of devoted, tender affection?

Because we do not have to go shopping with them…just go shopping for them.

9. Why do men think belching and farting are entertaining?

We think of them as explosive climaxes

10. Why don’t men like shopping?

We do. Although fifteen hours at the Outlets is not shopping

11. Why are men incapable of answering a simple question, such as “Do I look better in this outfit or that outfit”?

Because you look good in that hot librarian outfit only you are not a librarian by profession (and likewise you look hot in that nurse outfit only if you are not a nurse by day)…and you do not wear enough black, shiny pleather

12. How come little girls grow up to be women, but small boys just grow up to be bigger boys?

At least we’re consistent (unchanged from what Nury wrote, because it is true)

13. How come men are never serious about anything?

Oh, look! A quarter!

14. Why can’t a man be more like a woman?

Because we are never serious bout anything

15. Why on earth do we love you, devote ourselves to you and marry you?

We fix the toilet. And because no one else would, our cars and computers never respond to our proposes

16. Why are men such jerks?
Because chicks love a bad boy


Rage & Fury

November 10, 2006

So how is it that the Terminator is the governor of California again?

And George Allen, the Senator from Virginia who hates Asians and likes to call them names lost his Senate seat in this week’s elections to Democrat Jim Webb. That is great news. What is disturbing is that Allen lost by only 0.31% of the votes.

And locally, the guy who used to be a cheerleader is the Governor of Texas again.

And Rumsfeld is gone.

Now, let us draft him to Iraq.

Now this is not an original thought, I stole it from Steven Grant: A dolphin has been found with rear fins that are possibly a form of vestigial legs. Mr. Grant proposes that they are actually evolving to return to land as the seas become more inhospitable. Well, they are the second smartest creatures on this planet. Plus there is plenty of beef on land to accommodate the lack of food from the sea.

And all that human flesh, succulent, sweet human flesh.

Oh, well.

Rob Cohen is making another Bruce Lee related movie (he directed the decent Dragon: The Bruce Lee story) tentatively titled Rage & Fury. Lately he is better known for doing popcorn flicks (and guilty pleasures) like the first Fast & The Furious and Stealth (which just wants so much to be Macross). But reading the script review of this new Bruce Lee inspired flick at Latinoreview just wants to make me puke. A bullied kid, Ethan Gunner, starts to learn martial arts to defend himself and gets mentored by the ghost of Bruce whose dialogue is snipped from his various movies and interviews? I see no good can come out of this.

Linda Lee Cadwell must need the money. Get Betty Ting Pei to Rob Cohen’s house A.S.A.P.! I hear he has a headache.


Stoopid Heroes

November 08, 2006

The only job I will never, never, never, never consider taking is anything dealing with sewage. It is just icky. I have tons of respect for people who do it, because no one else will.

Unless it is at Pixar. All employees there including the housekeeping staff and security can participate in the in-house Pixar University where they teach you everything from live action film making to the very animation that is produced there.

I would gladly clean up other people’s crap to learn from John Lasseter.

I wonder Studio Ghibli offers something similar?

Anyway, I have been trying to stay away from the Lost phenomenon, mostly because I lost respect from JJ Abrams for abandoning Alias, thus driving that show into mediocrity. I watch an episode here and there, keep up with it online but you would not be able to call me a fan, maybe a casual viewer. To be fair, it is not a bad show, the ongoing story of that island is damn interesting and I love the high casualty rate of the b-roll characters (like you think any of the leads would be killed off and come on, the incestuous siblings were never lead characters). I just wish they would stop relying on those damned flashback so much. That all said I really do hope the island they are stuck on does turn out to be the Village from the Prisoner.

I also am trying to stay away from the Lost inspired shows. I was bored with Invasion and Threshold, was initially interested with Surface and I will stay the hell away from Jericho (I am also staying away from the 24 wannabes like the Unit, Standoff and others of the ilk). It reminds me too much of when the X-Files became popular and all of a sudden all these crappy shows like Dark Skies came out (yes, it was so crappy to the point that they had to associate Beatlemania with alien invasions).

Then why do I waste my time with Heroes? I tried to not get caught up in the hype. For the most part I succeeded, but there was nothing else on and I tried out the second episode. I will now be cliché and say Masi Oka’s performance as Hiro was the definite standout. In that second episode, I tuned out everything about unless Hiro was in the scene.

It is nice to see a character that is so enthusiastic and not so drama laden like 99.9% of all other characters on TV nowadays.

Plus, he is slanty eyed and a fanboy like me.


I did not care for the guy from the Gilmore Girls, that cheerleader, the guy from Alias, the politician, Ali Larter or the druggie painter.

I still do not for the most part.

But they have become more interesting as I watched more of the show. And I love playing spot the superhero when the characters utilize their powers. The ongoing tale has become more captivating as well. Who is the guy with the Horn Rimmed Glasses? How did these guys get their powers? How do you save the cheerleader and then save the world? As much as I do not want to, I am there next week to learn the answers.

The show is filmed well and the demonstrations of the powers especially impressive (a personal favorite is the Politician flying away to escape his captors). At this point, my only complaint is that other than Hiro, The Gilmore Guy and possibly the Horned Rimmed Glasses Guy, all the characters are pretty disposable. Which I hope happens in the fight to save New York from blowing up. It would be nice to see that despite being super powered, no one is still safe.

I also really like that they used Tim Sale with his distinctive style as the in house artist instead of the cookie cutter art seen in most comics.

The show is still pretty young, I hope it follows the Buffy model of one contained storyline per season and not the continuous dragging method used by Lost, Alias and unfortunately, the X-Files. I am not a fan yet (especially since it will be opposite 24 in January), but I am almost there.


All that aside, I have lost all respect for Harry Knowles, also loves the show but his rant at http://www.aintitcool.com/node/30606?harry_knowles_endorses_heroes_generally_and_wants_to_save_the_cheerleader_in_particular just oozes too much perversion (is he just joking? I have the dirtiest mind of anyone I know, but the way he talks about the cheerleader is just wrong).

Election Daze

November 07, 2006

Election Day. Go out and vote.

And anyone who says that the Saddam Hussein verdict being announced so close to this Election Day as coincidence is a dirty commie.

Nothing is a coincidence.

And while we are on the topic of Election Day, check out this article at http://www.vcreporter.com/article.php?id=3946&IssueNum=96# about Francisco Romero and Joe Moreno- who is the brother of the scariest and one of the smartest men I know, Big Louie. Some people just talk about changing the world. These two are examples of those who act on changing the world. I know Oxnard is not the world, but when things start on the supposed smaller scale, the eventually snowball to effect the larger scheme of things.

I love the following quote from the article:

“You can be poor, but it doesn’t mean you have to get caught in the conditions of your environment.”

By the way, I never had Nikes either.

Now for some better news. VNV Nation is touring for their new album in Europe from March to April. That is all good for the Europeans and all but the happier news for me is that they have stated that the American Tour starts just a few days after the European one. Which means I will be rocking out with Ronan and Mark come around June of next year.

I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.
I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.
I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.
I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot wait.

Meanwhile from Nury Vitacchi:

Do you know an outstanding journalist who would benefit from a year studying at Stanford? The John S. Knight Fellowships for Professional Journalists may enable him or her to do just that. Each year we bring eight international journalists to join 12 U.S. journalists for a year of study and research. Knight Fellows have full access to classes throughout the university, as well as to a series of discussion forums organized just for them. At the conclusion of their year they return to their countries and news organizations, better prepared for the unique challenges of 21st-century journalism. The deadline for international applications is December 15, 2006.General inquiries about eligibility, etc., can be sent to knight-info@lists.stanford.edu or to me directly at jimb@stanford.edu
best regards, James Bettinger
James Bettinger is the director of the knight fellowships, and you can email him directly, or write to him at:
Stanford University
Building 120, Room 428 Stanford, CA 94305-2050
650-725-1189 (office and cell)


The Simpson’s Halloween Special XVII:
It sucked this year. The show in general is not getting worse, as some have said, but it has been in a stagnant slump for the last ten years or so. My prediction is that the show will finally finish its run or get cancelled not too long after the movie next year.

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
Cheesy fun. Some have said it perpetuates Asian American stereotypes, and it does to a small extent. Not all of us know kung fu and not all Buddhist monks sound like fortune cookies. But the character of the dad was surprisingly deep in his small number of scenes and the martial arts choreography was amazingly sharp at times with homages to the onscreen fighting styles of Jackie Chan (watch out for them props), Jet Li (the tai chi here and there), Michelle Yeoh (my mom likes them scorpion kicks) and even Neo (jump and kick in mid air). The wire-assisted scenes were awkward here and there but it was done better more times that not (but not by much).

X-Files: Mythology
Almost done with the mythology episodes of season eight. Mulder is back and it feels weird because we are now used to Doggett. But the Mythology stories here feel like the good old ones from the first five seasons and are surprisingly entertaining. Doggett is a better character than once thought although I keep expecting his finger to turn to a metal spike and then stab the person in front of him.


Die Welt ist voll von Idioten und wir alle müssen sterben jetzt.

November 06, 2006

Stuff we must rise up and fight:

We will run out of seafood in less than fifty years. I do not eat seafood. Never liked it, even as my evil caretakers tried to shove them down my throat growing up and tell me it is good. I did not trust anything with too many bones, I still do not. You will never see me eat shrimp, crab or lobster- it is like eating a cockroach. Cephalopods like squid and octopus are holy things and smarter than my cat who knows how to read. Later in life I witnessed and became a worshipper of the beautiful seas and saw true evil firsthand as humanity tries their hardest to destroy and pollute them.

You can stop this. I stopped eating food produced from the sea for at least twenty years prior to becoming vegetarian.

Sordid details of the impending horror at http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/science/nature/6108414.stm

And the plight of the Nepalese Rhino at http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/south_asia/6111614.stm
There are less than 400 of these left out there. And they are not being poached for food; they are being poached because some rich bastard thinks their horn is Viagra despite all the smart people telling them it is not.

Bastards need their heads to stompity stomped into squishy little wet bits.

Humanity really hates Mother Earth. More proof at http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/science/nature/6114250.stm

Stoopid tales of yellow fever at http://www.ocweekly.com/news/news/yellow-fever/26126/ . This is not as world shattering an issue as the others but it still bugs the hell out of me.

Die Welt ist voll von Idioten und wir alle müssen sterben jetzt.

You've heard this story before

November 05, 2006

Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Which is this weekend.

I am now part of livejournal , the link to my page of which is at the bottom of this entry.

I was bored.

That is all.

If you are reading this from the livejournal site, please visit my other pages (the blogs should be the same mostly, with subtle differences here and there) and kindly leave a comment.

Or not.

I do not care.

Well, yes I do.

Anyway, I am using this new blog as a revamp or a reintroduction to who I am if you do not know me.

If you already know me, see if you can spot the lies. If this were the Cure, this would be Robert Smith’s newest lineup. I am a wannabe-poseur Goth/Rivethead freak. And I do wear black everyday.

If this were a new comic, it would have been renumbered to a new #1 and to brand new sales. If this were the Batman movie franchise, forget the Tim Burton/Joel Shufaker ones and consider this to be Batman Begins.

Yes, I am also a fanboy geek. I would say nerd as well, but I am the stupidest person I know.

So, continuing on with the geek vibe, I was born in the heart of a gamma bomb (or Baguio City in the Philippines, nestled in the mountains) to a weird, religiously obsessed woman and a man who was raised by the sea (how he ended up landlocked was via an unfortunate selling of his soul to the devil for a new pair of pants). I was raised in different Asian country every year until I was twelve when I was summoned to California, where in my heart is my roots are.

It is not that I did not like Asia, but Southern California is where who I am was shaped.

Some people say I am shaped like a pear. I do not know what they are talking about; I think I am shaped like a durian. That said, I am proud to be Asian American.

Kudos if you know what a durian is.

Now get away from me.

After fifteen years living in California, I moved to Texas- sent there by Vishnu, the Indian Deity in attempt to see if armadillos actually exist. In the time I have been here, I have yet to see one.

Aside from Vishnu, my lord and master is the beautiful Holly (known to billions upon billions of Chinese as Kwan Yin, the goddess of mercy. I know she is the goddess of mercy because she hangs out with me, otherwise I am just a pathetic loner).

Then there are cats, the actual owners of the Earth.

One of them has three legs, he used to have five but lost two of them in the immense wrestling match with space gods in which he won and thus came in ownership of this orb.

The other cat is silent and gray, just like Sundays.

Unless she is hungry, then she is louder than hell.

My life ambitions are to get paid regularly for doing something creatively, write a novel, go into space, do every position in the katma sutra at least three times, own my own home, be financially secure and eventually take over the world.

I am getting there.

Previous ambitions met: to do something that would benefit society. Work with kids someday, it is frustrating while you are there, but after you leave you will figure that (unless you get fired for something stupid) that hopefully if you were a good influence to at least one of them to any degree, the world would have changed for the better.



November 03, 2006

So the trilogy of the dead days is over (that would be Halloween, All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead). But did you guys already have to put up Christmas decorations all over Sixth Street? Would it hurt to wait at least another week or two?

Bah, humbug.

Now if you will excuse me, I have three visitors coming to visit me.

Myspace still sucks by the way. But I remain to keep up to date to people back home and to see what bands are up to. An interesting bulletin was put on the other day. I used to fill out all those stupid things but then they just got repetitive (how many times do you need to know who my first crush was anyway?). Someone put up one of those that asks where you were ten years ago things and it just occurred to me that ten years ago was not that long ago. In another ten years, I wonder if twenty years ago will feel just like yesterday.

I sometimes feel like I will all of a sudden wake up and I am back in Oxnard and my Uncle is screaming at me to feed the chickens. Then it is off in the monster of a Volkswagen with the weird transmission problem (you put it in reverse to go forward) and off to classes at the Community College and that odd job at night there.

I forget what the job was called, but the main function of the job was to sit and wait. Really. I get there at 6pm Monday to Thursday, sit in the small Continuing Education office, see if anyone wants a projector or something, check them out if they do, stamp the mail, send them out and wait till all the classes are done so I can check back in all the projectors and walk all over the campus and make sure all the doors were locked.

The office had a back door to the school library so if I really wanted, I could have taken all the books out and no one would ever have known. But he only thing I did was rip out articles from the old Rolling Stones that they had.

Like I said, it was a night job and at the time not a lot of ambient light permeated the sky in Oxnard and you had an awesome view of the cosmos and it was the only time in my life where I could see all the constellations clearly. The best time was when that comet came by in 1997 and for two weeks or so it hung up there, like a constant friend.

I kept mostly to myself back then, all of my friends having moved to other cities after graduating from high school. Oxnard College was mostly back then people who had returned to school after years of being away and people my age were rare (except for the summer when everyone was taking summer classes there). It is a bigger school now and definitely different from what I used to know. I mean back then, their library computers were not even linked up to the internet.

I spent a lot of time on the beach then, too. Just walking up and down the shores in Oxnard, at Channel Islands Harbour and in Ventura. Probably why I miss the beach so much nowadays.

A lot of time was also spent at the movies, this was before I got into HK flicks, and were spent watching odd independent films, the most memorable being able to see Chasing Amy several times because I liked it so much.

Then it was off to Salzers, spending all my hard earned cash on import CD’s that were really just some good old fashioned bootlegs. Not the bootlegs you find nowadays, back then they tried to sell quality while trying to rip off the labels. Some of my favourite Cure CD’s are bootlegs that I got there. Salzers is not the same as it was ten years ago- it is a bit more upscale and does not look like a dive but some of that old atmosphere is still there.

There was a girl who worked there that I used to talk to, who had pity for the lonely soul and gave good recommendations to what I should listen to and other small chit chat. She always joked about stealing the Death shirt that I used to wear all the time back then. I do not know what ever happened to her and do not even remember her name (last I knew she went off to Cal Arts to study photography). On her last day working there, I gave her that Death shirt (gray as it was, I wanted to give her a new one, but I could not find another and it was only two years or so ago that I finally found another one. It is still one of my favourite t-shirts).

Ten years.


I was kidding about being visited by the ghost of the past.


Moosey Fates

November 02, 2006

Does anyone know when Buy Nothing Day is? I have heard conflicting reports. I got an email from Adbusters that it is going to be November 23rd, which does not make sense since that day is Thanksgiving and everything is closed anyway (unless they mean buy nothing on the internet day). Historically, Buy Nothing Day has been the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday which in my honest opinion is not fair. We all love a good sale or two and the chance to save a buck or two here or there although, yes, much crap is bought by the masses that day that ends up being wasted.

Another says Buy Nothing Day is on November 25, 2006 which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This makes mucho sense to me (although I believe date to be a typo and was actually is the date of the event last year). But unless someone tells me different, that day is the day I will observe Buy Nothing Day.

And speaking of buying crap:

So I finally caved in and got that new ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ soundtrack with the bonus disc. The covers suck and the main reason you should double dip this is for Danny Elfman’s demos that you get two extra if you buy at Best Buy. The songs just do not feel the same without the guy from Oingo Boingo singing in for Jack. The ‘Kidnap Sandy Claws’ song does almost make it with a decent approach to make the song different from the original while still honoring it like a good cover should; the others just try to do karaoke versions. Another strong reason for the failure of the covers is that the bands are top 40, cookie cutter and just plain mainstream (and yes, Marilyn Manson is as mainstream as they get).

Oh, well. I have not seen the 3-D version of the Nightmare before Christmas either and I probably will not, unless they make it an annual tradition.

And while we are on the topic of Halloween, can I just say something to the kid who went trick-or-treating and did not even bother to wear a costume?

You are a bastard.

(And this in not a kid who was too young to know better or something)

And to the other kid who likes to ride his bike past the rear of your car at the exact time you are backing up and not in the previous five minutes while you were getting into your car and he was watching you?

You are also a bastard.

(And this not a ‘slow’ kid either, this kid was doing this for the sole purpose of being annoying)

It is the Day of the Dead.

Somewhere (Florida, I think), out there is a band of army guys stuck in an underground bunker, doing all they can from going crazy, Bub is trying to call his Aunt Alice and the Dead walk. Elsewhere, kids are eating candy skulls.


Just for the hell of it, here is something from Invader Zim:

I've researched many possible wormholes with many possible outcomes. It was very difficult deciding which would be the most horrible for you. One would have spat you out into a dimension of PURE ITCHY!


You can't really tell but that stuff is REALLY ITCHY!

Another would have spat you out into a dimension of PURE DOOKY!

But I chose this particular wormhole especially for the occasion. For you see, at the end of this wormhole lies...A ROOM WITH A MOOSE!!!

Now go enjoy your moosey fate.

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