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House Hunting Adventures

May 26, 2005

Ten months in Texas by the way this weekend.

No new tale to tell at the moment. Just the same old routine. Except Holly and I are actually venturing into places o look at houses. That is fun. Unless you are looking into the deep country side where the houses are actually mansions and you cannot afford them. And then there are the places where next to the sign that says the area is prone to flooding is a measuring stick so you can see how deep the water will be when God, Buddha and Vishnu decide to flood the earth again except for two of each kind of critter. Oh, and the places that are nice but to get there you have to travel up a two lane highway that is curvier than Scarlett Johannsen and the speed limit is 65mph and everyone is going at least 85mph. You drive a decent speed (say 70mph) as to not fly off the curve but there are bastards behind you who keep flashing their lights because they cannot drive at the speed at which they think is decent (I think 4373246573576574564654 mph). Maybe their house is on fire or they need to go pee. Just pass me already you bastards!
Oh well.

By the way, there is also a big push here to remind people to buckle up. The ads on TV are hilarious- you think they just caught Osama but no, they are just stopping some hick who forgot to use their seatbelts. Staining red the wasted metaphor. In a town where everyone is supposed to be smart (there was a poll a few weeks back that listed this town as one of the smartest in the country) then why do we need to be reminded to wear our seatbelts?

Anyway, we did see some decent and nice houses. The new ones are cool- but who knows what the neighbourhood will eventually be like since the rest of the homes are still being built? But, it is nice to see places where the paint is still fresh and the tiles still shiny. I like shiny stuff. I am distracted easily by shiny stuff.

The previously resided in homes are mostly cool as well. Of course, there are some that you may want to avoid like the plague. And you always want to know why they are not living there anymore. Bad neighbors? Evil Cults? Roaming midgets? Gangbanging minors? A measuring stick next to a sign that the area is prone to flooding?

It will be nice to finally get a house wherever and whenever that happens.


Towel Day

Towel Day is celebrated every May 25 as a tribute by fans of the late Douglas Adams. The commemoration was first held on Friday in May 2001, two weeks after his death on May 11, and since then has been extended to an annual event. On this day, fans carry a towel with them throughout the day. The towel is a reference to Adams's popular science fiction novel, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has a few things to say on the subject of towels. A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Partly it has great practical value—you can wrap it around you for warmth as you bound across the cold moons of Jaglan Beta; you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, inhaling the heady sea vapours; you can sleep under it beneath the stars which shine so redly on the desert world of Kakrafoon; use it to sail a mini raft down the slow heavy river Moth; wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat; wrap it round your head to ward off noxious fumes or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal (a mindboggingly stupid animal, it assumes that if you can't see it, it can't see you—daft as a brush, but very, very ravenous); you can wave your towel in emergencies as a distress signal, and of course dry yourself off with it if it still seems to be clean enough. More importantly, a towel has immense psychological value. For some reason, if a strag [non-hitch hiker] discovers that a hitchhiker has his towel with him, he will automatically assume that he is also in possession of a toothbrush, face flannel, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet weather gear, space suit etc., etc. Furthermore, the strag will then happily lend the hitchhiker any of these or a dozen other items that the hitchhiker might accidentally have 'lost'. What the strag will think is that any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is, is clearly a man to be reckoned with." (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Chapter Three)

Happy Day!

May 25, 2003

Happiest of birthdays to Holly- the most significant of others. Sorry I could not buy you that diamond ring, that luxury car, that castle you have always wanted or that I had a more magnificent body. Hope you enjoy the little things I got you. You are still the best.

On a similar note- Happy Towel Day to every one else. It is a memorial day of sorts for Douglas Adams- one of the smartest and funniest men who have ever lived. Do not forget your towel today!


Last 24 review for the Year

May 23, 2003


Cool Stuff:
The twenty plus minute commercial free opening for the twenty third hour. It was like last season when Jack rescued the Secretary of Defense in the first five minutes. A perfect little action movie within a movie. Plus the red shirt finally lives! Robocop dies! Meanwhile in the Alias finale, Syd finally pumps Sloan full of lead. But he still lives! In 24, Robocop dies!
Jack & Agent Pierce working together! Will Agent Pierce be a regular next season? Will he join CTU?
Chloe has a husband? And he is a bigger tech geek than she is? Dude, hope he joins the cast next season too! He was funny.
Jack cannot kill the President! Or was it always his plan to not kill Logan? Pretty risky there, buddy.
A little reminder of Fat Edgar! We will miss you!
The smiles on the FLOTUS and Mike Novick as the President gets carted away! That was precious.

Not So Cool Stuff but still good:
Never give Jack a happy ending when there fifteen minutes left in the show. He will only end up in China.

What Happens next Season?
Has the show jumped the shark? Pretty hard when the show does this all the time. How many main characters died this season? Palmer. Almeida. Stiles. The Fat Hobbit. Dressler.

Was it a good season?
Season Two is still my favourite. This season seemed to have a more episodes where it took its time to get to the point. Where they spend thirty minutes to get somewhere, then ten minutes where things heat up and then a couple of minutes where IT ALL GOES TO HELL and you cannot wait for the episode next week!
But there were a lot of signature moments. Stuff that you know if you see it in other shows, you know they ripping off, I mean paying homage to the show.
I liked that CTU had more time in the spotlight this season. Probably a teaser for the next season as everyone wonders where Jack went. (He went out for some Chinese)

Best New Character:
The Jack Sack.

Overall Prognosis:

Cool Trailers seen:
X-Men III, Superman Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean. Watching 24 last night was like watching the Superbowl with all the new and interesting commercials. Anyone else notice that?

PS- the Alias Finale:
I liked the flashback scenes. Reminded me of how good the show was. But it was all over the place. And they destroyed the character of Irina Derevko. A totally pointless epilogue. Too bad they killed Jack Bristow. It would have been cool in a geeky way if he joined 24 as the new Jack - in its heyday AKA seasons 1 & 2, Jack Bristow could have given Jack Bauer a run for his money. But next season, he returns as a sleazy lawyer.


Space Strawberries

May 17, 2006

Things to do this weekend in California:

The third weekend in May used to be a weird time of the year for me. Usually there are a barrage of events tend to fall on this weekend that I would like to attend forcing me to drive all over the place and try to see as much as possible in as little time. The past three years Holly and I usually end up in Pasadena and Oxnard for the two events below.

JPL Open House:
Dude- go to this. Working at Casa Pacifica- one tends to forget that not all children have emotional scars. Here you get to chance to meet kids who are smarter than you will ever be. It is also the place to go to if you think the 21st century is a tad disappointing. While the flying cars are absent- the robots and supercomputers are there. Even teleportation is being experimented on these days although I do not know if JPL is involved with that. Probably not- it is also a place of go especially if you are interested in the final frontier and to see how we are going where no man has gone before. I am especially intrigued by the oceans of Europa. With discoveries on this planet that prove sunlight is not dependent for life, will we find critters in Europa’s briny deep? If you do go, do not pass up the chance to venture into Mission Control. It is totally cool.

(PS: Casa Pacifica recently did some restructuring which led to at least one person that I knew when I was there to be laid off who so totally did not deserve to be. To that I say-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Oxnard Strawberry Festival:
I used to live behind this. It was hell trying to get out of the house because of all the traffic. But I got free parking if I wanted to go. I never tried the strawberry wine or the strawberry beer and thus never ended up strawberry drunk. The arts and crafts were okay and the other food was decent. I used to go because b-list bands like Big Mountain, The Rembrants and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy used to play there. Not these days. Nowadays you get an eighties cover band at best if you are lucky. But it is still fun to go people watch and see what concoctions people come up with that involve strawberries. And it is always nice to return to ‘the Nard’ every now and then, and bask in the California Sun and the Pacific breeze and maybe go to Leo Carrillo State Beach after and look at weird creatures in the tide pools. And since Holly’s birthday usually falls close to this, we would often go to the Outlets and just let her go crazy.

At least there are Outlets here to, so at least we can keep up that tradition. Yes, my little bear, you may go crazy.

Oh, and by the way (Gene Generation is the latest entry into movies that to be nice- borrow heavily from the Matrix. The difference between this one and the others? Ronan Harris of VNV Nation is doing the score and other good industrial/electro bands like Combichrist feature heavily in it. Plus the director is really into the industrial/electro scene, Parry Shen from Better Luck Tomorrow and the ever present Bai Ling are in it and it seems to be very fan friendly as evidenced below. Hope it is a good flick and hope that the score is to be made available commercially. The director also seems like a nice guy):


Well, since the movie has been shot as we're almost done with post production, here's a chance if you want to be in the movie

1) Bands / Clubs / Promoters - We'll stick posters all over the city of The Gene Generation. If you are a band or club or promoter, send us any material and we'll plug it in our city. We're doing VFX now so now's a good time. Try not to put a date in it as this movie has no time in which it exists in. BE WARNED - the posters will be textured to make it look dirty and all. Some of them might be scraps of paper on the floor as well :P

2) Individuals - Got a mug shot? Got a picture that might look great as a missing person's profile? Yeah, we cannot get enough of that all over our city of The Gene Generation. Send them to us, and be officially missing or arrested in The Gene Generation.

3) Fetish Models / Mistress - Got a picture you want up as posters on The Gene Generation? Maybe as a Neon Sign or advertisement. Send them to us and we'll plug you in. If you have any videos (professional videos), we can put them up on the plasma screens around the city as well. Males welcome as well.


Please submit all materials to Please note we will begin texturizing the city in 2 weeks, so our submissions will be closed then. Alternatively, you can mail it to

The Gene Generation
Producer / VFX Department
4121 Redwood Ave
Suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Here I go Again...

May 17, 2006

Asian/Pacific Americans now make up three point seven percent of the nation's population and four point eight percent in Austin. FYI: When I came here to Austin, people did not think I was a 100% Asian hence the point eight in that number (every now and then the four other Asians and I hang out at Costco). So what did they think I was? Most of them just gave me a blank stare until I said something. In the past I have been mistaken for Hispanic and Indochinese. No one has ever spoken to me in Spanish but I have had people come up to me and start gibbering Vietnamese, Laotian or Cambodian and expect a response in kind. . But not Thai, because if you are Thai and speak to me in Thai, I will just keep saying ‘Body Cup’ and since they have a collective memory of sorts (through the power of their King) they just stay away from me. Before I lived in the States when I was living a mile away from the equator (I am not kidding) the locals thought I was Malaysian or Indonesian. In California the only people who knew what I am were others of my own kind. The rest just automatically thought I knew some sort of Kung fu. I do not know any kung fu. But I do watch a lot of their movies. They are cool.

Not sure if there are any Asian American Heritage month events in Austin going on. If there are, the other four guys are not telling me about it. But as other people have blogged- it is kinda easy to get lost when the month is shared with National Bike Month, National Barbecue Month, Clean Air Month and National Mental Health Month plus mother’s day, Memorial day and all the students are starting to cram for finals. Wait- barbecue month? Hells yeah!

Besides- why waste precious mental capacities on things like the heritage of your Asian American buddies when there are more important things to ponder about in the city of Austin. Like the college football player who was arrested for procession of Mary Jane over the weekend. Never mind the elections, let us focus on the guy who in any other school we would not spend any time on him, they would just kick him out of their higher learning institute. In fact, let us not spend any more time on him and just move on.

Fucking sports town.

But there are more that just four point eight Asians in the city of Austin and looks like they actually had some events last year- this year they are just too preoccupied with National Bicycle Month (I am just kidding). I do not need a month to celebrate my heritage. If I feel like it, I will pop in one of my kung fu flicks into the DVD, warm up some shu mai and drink some mango drinks (because I never got into boba drinks). If an event does pop up, maybe I will hang out with them just to see what a mass of Asians do to have fun when they hang out together.

Oh, and Thai people do not have a communal mind. But I do day ‘body Cup’ to them. And they do tend to say away from me. Mostly because I eat all their satay (now I am going to crave some).

(PS: I just found out that the city is having a thing on May 26, 2006 which is a Friday from 11:30am to 1pm- just enough time to get there on my lunch break and miss it. More info at )


May 16, 2006


So apparently they are pitting the series finale of ALIAS against the season finale of 24 next week. If Jack were part of that show, Sloan would have been killed three seasons ago and Irena Derevko would be nowhere to be seen due to the nightmares she gets after a session with Bauer persuasion techniques. And Rimbaldi? What is a Rimbaldi? Now, I like Alias, do not get me wrong. It is just not the show that I started to like when I first saw it. Although a spin off with Amy Acker’s character would be cool.

As for the penultimate 24 of the season? Jack does a Darth Vader by grabbing the throat of slimy Miles by one hand! That was cool. Pierce disses the President by calling him Charles. Now I wanna go up to the real one and call him George. Take that George! What is the plan Charles Logan has in place to take down Jack? I know it is not the sub thing, are Chinese around the corner for the finale? Robocop just wants to disappear and retire somewhere with his wife? How sweet. Anyone notice that every gun Jack picks up ends up in the Jack Sack? Reminds me of the duffel bags Chow Yun Fat has at the end of the Killer- the ones that most armies would be envious of.

Next week- President vs one of the guns that Jack picked up the last twenty four hours.


PS: Piss off to the Austin Fox station for three minutes of dead air in the middle of the show. And to you too, George.



May 9, 2006

Things that bug me:

1) The over-refrigeration of building interiors in the city of Austin has begun. People fear the heat so summer so they turn the insides of places into igloos. Even Neil Gaiman commented on this when he came last September for a book signing. Someone asked him how he could wear a leather jacket in 110 degree weather. He replied that he did not spend that much time out doors here and his bollocks freeze off when he is indoors. Okay, so I may be paraphrasing a bit. It’s my bullocks that froze off. It’s even worse in the winter when they want to match the cold outside to the cold inside.

2) The city has experienced a 100% rise in crime since I moved here. Apparently when I came here, I brought the mafia and the triads with me.

3) I am broke. Someone give me money.

4) The war in Iraq is going to end up costing over 800 billion dollars. Or is it just 80 billion dollars? Either way, it is a lot of money that we are paying for. Did you see those guys a couple a weeks ago at the Rumsfeld Q&A? They are heroes I tells ya

5) Overhearing comments from Hispanic youth (and an adult or two) that they choose what they wear because ‘they do not want to look Mexican’. Where is the pride my distant cousins?

6) The Playstation 3 is going to cost at least $500 ($600 if you want the deluxe model). I have always wanted to get a game system because I love fighting games, although I suck at them. But the consoles are so damn expensive. I will now just stick to my Playstation One that I got for free because no one wanted it anymore and keep playing the classics like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy VII (one day I actually finish them games as well!)

7) I miss the Pacific Ocean.

8) Holly’s birthday is coming up. Anyone have ideas of what I can get her? I think I am getting predictable.

9) Weekends are too short.

10) That I am hungry right now and crave one of them meat lover’s skillets from Denny’s

NEXT WEEK: Things that do not bug me. Or maybe they do.



Because I'm a VNV Nation whore...

Hi guys,

Yes, we will be DJing over in the US this year. I'm coming over
later this month...

17 May 06 - USA - Philadelphia, Nocturne - Shampoo
18 May 06 - USA - Washington DC - Nation
20 May 06 - USA - Tampa - The Castle

...and Ronan is planning some events for later this summer. Sorry
there are no REAL shows on the cards for us in the States this year
but, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder... or was that
absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?! I've never been entirely
sure about that one.
Still, all the best and thanks as always for your continued support.

Mark Jackson
VNV Nation

Filipino Expo 2006

May 9, 2006

If I were still in So Cal, I’d so go to this. If only for the lumpia (yum,yum).


It's that time of the year to celebrate Philippine Independence Day!!!

Oceanview Pavilion & Kasiyahan Entertainment invites you all to....
JUNE 2-4, 2006
formerly known as the Dorill B. Wright Cultural Center
575 E. Surfside Drive, Port Hueneme
(Across the street from Hueneme Pier)

June 2, 2006 4:00pm-6:00pm
FAC EXPO '06 Art Opening & Reception
Featuring Art Works by:
Jon Austria (Photography), Ely Neri (Acrylic Paintings - Personal Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Sito Serrate), Frank Gajardo (Live Food Carving/Sculptures), Maria Villot (Mixed Media), Aaron Dadacay. (Mixed Media), Gerardo Jacob(Historical Display), Rudy Liporada (Photography), Christine Morla (Mixed Media), Arnold Armedilla(Photography), Alvin Gregorio (Mixed Media), Frank Lopez (Photography)

June 2, 2006 6:00pm-10:30pm
(*$5.00 Donation at Door*)
including the following films:
- Mga Munting Ting by Ray Cuerdo
- Memories of a Forgotten War by Camilla Riggers
- Bontoc Eulogy by Ray Fuentes
(for more information on these films, please visit our website at:

June 3-4 2006 10:00am-6:00pm
Filipino Arts and Cultural Expo
including various sale and information vendors, youth dance performances, cultural dance and singing performances, various food vendors, film screenings, lectures/educational workshops, youth activities, Philippine Sports and Games; modern/cultural fashion show, art exhibits, historical and cultural displays

Event Highlights:

June 3, 2006
High End Performance Ventura, CA; Import Auto Show/Display

All Day Orchid Display in Streamside Terrace

Mt. San Antonio College Filipino Martial Arts Exhibit/Demonstration on Eskrima, Kali, Arnis

"Kasiyahan Sayawan Night"
Fiesta Dance and Celebration for Philippine Independence Day
Dance the night away!!
(*$10.00 Donation at Door*)

June 4, 2006
All Ages Fashion Show/ Exhibit featuring Ethnic and Modern wear designed by Jennie Villaruz and Kristine Lucero (Foreign Unity), Gabriela Garcia Medina (, also featuring Traditional Filipino Wear

Expo Entertainment Line Up Includes:
Non-Stop Dance Crew, Channel Islands HIgh School Co-Ed, CIHS Short Flags, Undeclared, CIHS Drill Team, Mr. Eli Gonzalez (2005 Fiestas Filipinas - FILIPINO IDOL Winner), Immortal Fader Fighters, Marlon B. (Poet/Spoken Word), Youth Poets, Saling Lahi, Zambales Association Youth Dancers, Kulintang Performance, Mt. San Antonio College Filipino Martial Arts Team, Sour Cream & Jive, and MANY MANY MORE!!!!!

Expo Vendor Line Up Includes:
Foreign Unity (Fashion), Labor De Amor (Fashion), Native Sol (Fashion), ABB Co. (Funnel Cakes, Mochas, Capuccinos), Elkins Golf Ranch, Beat Rock, Oxnard College Automotive Department, Philippine Consulate / Department of Tourism, M.E. Creations (Jewelry), High End Performance (Auto), Java Joes Express-O, and MANY MANY MANY MORE!!

[GET INVOLVED! Please contact Charleen Morla (805) 236-1309]

Please visit the FAC EXPO Website at:
or contact:

Sponsorships Art Exhibition Volunteers:
Charleen Morla [ ]

Debbie Hernandez 805-986-4818
Frank Lopez [ ]

Youth Activities Fashion Exhibit:
Jennie Villaruz [ ]

Entertainment Festival Games:
Lew Soratorio [ ]

Filipino Independent Film Fest Marketing:
Gerardo Jacob [ ]

Three to go!

May 9, 2006


Jack lands a plane on the freeway by used to live. Actually only one exit away! Too bad all his hard work is erased in the final moments of the episode. DAMMIT! The President almost kills himself. Is his wife going to kill him herself? Will Aaron Pierce (he’s bleedy!)? Zombie Almeda? The headset cabal? The Secretary of Defense actually survived? Good for him. The Wrath of Devane will not be denied! Black Bauer lies his way through the Marines! Bierko is not finished yet! How was he able to come up with a contingency plan from inside CTU? Me thinks there may be another mole inside. After all, that one lady who interrupted Hayes and Miles was all lit evil like. Speaking of Miles- he is the new annoying character you love to hate! Only three hours left! How is Jack going to pull out of this! Will he finally just go all stompy all over Robocop’s head? Will the President turn the tables all over the Headset Cabal? Why does the President have Pierce tied to a chair? Is something kinky going on? For once, I do not want to know!

Five Stars! (for the show, not what kinkiness the President has in store for Pierce- EWWW!)


What Does Asian Mean to you?

May 8, 2006


DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Spiky haired, skinny Filipino dude

Do you think of yourself as Asian?

Why or why not?
Because it’s part of who I am today.

Do your parents?
It’s be funny if they did not

When was the first time you referred to yourself as "Asian"?
I have always seen myself as Asian

Stream of consciousness: What ideas immediately come to mind when you think of the word Asian?

What does Asian taste like?

What does Asian look like?
Bad Ass!

What is Asian good at and bad at?

What's the most Asian thing you've ever done?
Umm…I like to eat with chopsticks from time to time?

Who's the most Asian person you know?
My Cousin’s Grandmother

Her Igorot Tribal Tattoos

Do you think you need to be born Asian to be Asian?
It’s kinda funny to look at the white men with the extreme yellow fetishes

If you're Asian, how do you feel when you see someone who's not Asian aspiring to be Asian--flattered, or embarrassed, both, or neither?
If they’re being respectful- I guess I can be flattered. But I have met people who think they are more Asian than anybody and flaunt it.

Forty years from now, do you think people will be using the term Asian? Why or why not?
Yes. Unless they change the name of the place to Bad Ass Continent. Then you can refer to me as a Bad Ass Continental American


Nothing and Nowhere

Nothing and nowhere
Is where I’ve been
Is this where I am going?
The whispers of the sun
The last fading fun
The metaphorical gun
Something, something bun

Nothing and Nowhere
They’ll never know
They’re all alone
Who knows if I’ll ever care?
Shall I, Shall I dare?
The vicious, viscous scare
Of something, something bare

Nothing and Nowhere
You’ll see it in your mirror
Listening of the screams of daylight
Do you think you’ll ever find something to dream?
Do you think you’ll just split at the seam?
Glistening, ever so in the silent moon beam
Something, something full of cream

Nothing and Nowhere
Promise me you crash this time
Plastic tears, disappear
Scratch my face deeply with your ring
Scratch me deeply I will sing
Punish me with all your things
Something, Something, nowhere,

Free Comics

Page Four
Page Three
Page Two

Page One
Free Comic Book for you in honor of Free Comic Book Day which is tomorrow. Have fun!

VNV Emails

Quatro de Mayo, 2006

Everyone knows me as a Cure Fan. I love the Cure. But they have not come out with anything in a while, although their theme song to the French cartoon Dragonhunters is pretty damn swell. It is a perfect Cure song in that it is short, sweet with a bit of sadness attached to it.

So in the void between Cure releases I am a big fan of EBM, electrobeat, electronic, industrial or whatever you want to call it music. The hard-stomping music that requires you to wear boots to dance to. No, not cowboy boots, those black ones you use to kick people’s heads in. I like KMFDM, Wumpscut, Apoptygma Berzerk, Wolfshiem and I am still finding out about new ones like Covenant (who are not that old but I just got their first CD), Rotersand and others (and there’s also the Birthday Massacre- who are a mix of the darker genres of music actually)

And I love VNV Nation.

They kick ass.

It is as simple as that.

If the Cure and VNV Nation were engaged in a battle to the death for the fate of the free world, I would not know who to root for.

Plus the singer and songwriter for VNV Nation Ronan Harris occasionally responds to your emails.

For example, I sent the following to him on Tuesday:

Would you know when the AFI and Mindless Self Indulgence singles come out? I know the AFI album comes out June 6th but not really being a fan of them I'm not sure about single release dates. THANKS!

And he responded the next day with:


I've no info from either record company about the releases. The best
and only way to find out is to check with Metropolis's website (for
MSI) and Interscope for AFI.

best wishes,

And I responded with:

Thanks for the info- I have checked up on those sites and found no info. I’ll sure it'll pop up eventually.
Keep up the great music and come by Austin again on your next tour. I saw you guys the last two times you were in LA and need more of your kind of music in Texas!

To which he replied:

Thanks mate, we'll definitely be doing that.

All the best,

That’s cool. Robert Smith never responds to my email.

FYI: I do not have Ronan Harris’ email, I just emailed the info address that is listed on their website. Is it him? Maybe. Maybe not. I do not care.

I am just a happy fanboy.

PS: The Dragon Hunters song, VNV, and Wolfsheim videos are on my Myspace site. Check them out.

Jack on a Plane!

May 02, 2006


Okay, so never piss off Jack while he’s on a plane. He apparently knows which panel to open and what wires to pull on to make the plane swerve and drop like a stone. If he is on a plane, just put him in first class and give him all the peanuts he wants. Oh, and do not try to hit on Chloe when she is working. She is very trigger happy with that tazer. Dude, that was hilarious. So, next episode it’s Jack versus a missile? Is he so bad ass that he can land the plane in fifteen minutes and evade the airforce while his copilot (who is not Jesus) may betray him because he works for Robocop? Yes, I believe he can. And what’s up with the evil dudes with the ear pieces? Is Audrey drippy somewhere? Probably with Principal Wood, Aaron Pierce, Black Bauer and the where the other characters hang before they are needed again. But hey, Mike Novick was there telling that guy Miles to mind his own business! And doing some detective work to try and find out what the hell is going on!


Oh, and I just realized that if the TARDIS lands in America, folks here would probably just think it is a Porto potty. EEEWWWWWW!


May day, may day...

May 01, 2006

MAY DAY. Boycotts and protests all over the country. People taking the day off work to support them. Or as the case may be in So Cal, people taking the day off work to avoid traffic. Yup…if traffic’s going to be that bad, might as well take the day off. No sense wasting fours hours in your car when all you’ve traveled is ten miles. But this is not about traffic…I’m already at work, but I will take part by not buying anything today (except breakfast)…by the way, we’re boycotting US products? What is that- movies and TV?

Anyway…it’s May already. Can you dig it? Meh…

By the way- it Asian American History Month…appreciate us dammit!

Saw the complete third season of MI-5 this weekend (also known as the third series of Spooks). This is the BBC’s answer to shows like 24, the good parts of Alias and any other terrorist-themed shows out there. It’s also a really good show. The runs for British TV seasons are much shorter than here (10 shows in the third season versus usually about 22 for any given American show). However, each hour long episode of MI-5 is incredibly intense- they cram more into that hour than some shows an entire season and even more that some movies. The old cast gets butchered and replaced- but not like the new ones are safe as well. The terrorist of the week angle gets a little old as they seem to focus too much on the current War on Terror…but it’s a small complaint.

It’s what you expect from a show like 24 or Alias…but it’s definitely on par with 24 and blows Alias out of the water. It’s also completely different from 24 or Alias as it’s the British way of doing things. These are people who’ve had to deal with the IRA after all.

Plus, you get to hear a loud ‘BASTARD!’ every now and then…

5 stars

Also saw the first Doctor Who story this weekend as Holly and I took advantage of 40% off at Borders. What, the cavemen weren’t aliens? That’s a first. The Doctor’s a cranky old man? They haven’t invented the camera zoom yet and to get a close up they had to move the camera themselves? Wow.

Still fun though…next come the Daleks!

3 stars


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