Where I wanna be on New Year's eve...Robert Smith Beckons you to join me!

But anyway...

Well, folks, another year done and over with. I’m probably just staying home this time around to ring in the New Year. Nothing is going to beat seeing VNV Nation last New Year’s eve at the Avalon (what used to be known as the Palace in Hollywood…).

I read that several interpretations of various prophecies foretell the end of the world is going to happen in the New Year. The specific date? June 6th 2006 which depending how you write your dates can be seen as 06/06/06. It’s a Tuesday- wonder what new CD’s/DVD’s are released that day…

Link to a teenager’s adventure in Bagdad http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10643329/. Kid’s got balls I’ll tell you that. Kinda reminds me when I went to HK with Holly- where everyone looked like me but I had no idea what the hell anyone was saying (with the exception of Gau Cho Wah!). Everyone would talk to me in Cantonese and I’d just smile politely…I would almost automatically say ‘No habla espanol’ then remember that I was about a thousand miles away from the nearest Mexican.

You are all descended from Asians: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/12/1227_051227_asia_migration.html

Monkey-Operated-Ninja-Robots…I just love that concept. It’s the future, why haven’t I seen this yet?

Most anticipated Films of 2006:

Superman: this better kick ass
The Departed: Remake of Infernal Affairs- my fave HK Trilogy of films although Chris Doyle has been quoted that Martin Scorsese hasn’t been faithful to the look of the originals…
Fearless: Jet Li’s last martial arts flick for now…and it just looks cool

Curious about:

V For Vendetta: Never read the book despite loving Alan Moore’s work.
X3: Despite Brett Ratner, I’m still curious…
Pirates of the Caribbean 2: The Two-Pistol Packing God Known as Chow Yun Fat is in this!
Casino Royale: Never saw the original movie and never read the book- but interested to see how they reinvent James Bond for the War on Terror Generation
Ultraviolet: Because I adore Milla Jovovich and enjoyed the movie Equilibrium
Annapolis: Interested about how the director of Better Luck Tomorrow deals with a big budget
The Sentinel: looks like a wannabe 24 complete with Kiefer!
Clerks 2: Nagga, nagga NOOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other anticipations:

The Cure’s new album and tour
The 5th season of 24
An honest-to-goodness vacation...

And Finally, a pic ot the ugliest man in the world standong next to a cherub. In 3-D even...

Happy New Years to everyone. Stay Safe and don't forget your hangover medication and to stay away from any Monkey-Operated-Ninja-Robots.

Where I had lunch today...unfortunately the only kind of coffee they served was black but the Black Forest Cake they had was delicious...too bad it only cost me my SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know there are people out there who are actually scared of Marilyn Manson?

That’s weird. I’ll always remember being in the mosh pit for a secret Cure show and seeing him next to me looking kinda sad that no one was noticing him…

Article on HK movies’ dying Kung Fu genre at http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/show/story/0,4136,99536,00.html . If you ask me, it’s just in hibernation. It’ll be back, trust me on this one…as for their picks on the next star: Jacky Wu was notable in Tai Chi 2 but the movie was crap, Andy On was crap in Black Mask 2 but was awesome in New Police Story and as for Tony Jaa? Ong Bak ruled- but I have to see his sophomore effort to decide if he’s a one note player. I’m still hoping for Donnie Yen to become even bigger than he already is and Jackie, Sammo & Yuen Biao should not be called out of the running yet. Lau Kar Yeung still kicks ass and he’s like pushing 80…


PS: my commute home does not take 45 hours. It takes 45 minutes to an hour.
Who edits this stuff?


My Biological dad saying hi...

Here in Austin they see it as hometown pride as UT goes back to the Rose Bowl to face USC…I see it as my old home vs. my new home. I not a sports fan at all but I hope USC kicks their ass so hard that they can taste their insides…

Go So Cal…

Also- there was light traffic on the way home yesterday- only took me 25 minutes (versus the usual 45-hour commute) to get home and it wasn’t stop and go…if it were like this all the time, I’d like the city a lot more…

Some things I forgot:

Re: King Kong- one thing that bugged me while watching the movie? When the giant ape initially held Ann in his arms she gets shaken a lot. This may be a case of over thinking- but her neck should have been broken- hell, she get shaken so violently that her head should have popped off.

Re: Best of 2005
Forgot to mention Battlestar Galactica as also one of my favourite shows of the year. It’s a show that gets no respect in mainstream media- but that’s fine with me. It’s gritty, bound with realism and with a sense of desperation overshadowing everything as the characters try to escape an overwhelming threat. It’s fun to watch- though not too many in one sitting- it can get very intense and comic relief is there but it still doesn’t overpower the overall gloomy atmosphere.

Interesting recommendations from YesAsia.com where I get my HK DVD’s nowadays: http://us.yesasia.com/en/mc/-/O92ov85207/featureArticle.aspx/articleId-54/section-videos/code-c/version-all/ . Interested in seeing Aegis although acting that would make Bruce Willis or Steven Segal proud should NOT be a selling point…

Sad story re: the legendary Four Star Theater in San Francisco at http://www.asiaarts.ucla.edu/article.asp?parentid=35943. I never went there but I’ve always heard about it and after I started loving HK films (after 1999) always wanted to see a show there. I mean this year they showed A Chinese Ghost Story there- They should have places like this theater in every town (but Austin doesn’t even have a China Town…but at least the Alamo has some great selections now and then)…hope they overcome their woes and are able to stay…

Portrait of the Blogger as a Bad Ass

One of these days I'll learn how to draw properly...or at least use photoshop...

Mini Trailerthon

Maggie Q- wonders what she left behind...or wonders her behind...whatever...

Oh, yeah- one thing I forgot to talk about since I saw King Kong this weekend was the one thing I love about seeing movies in the theaters- TRAILERS! But of course, prior to the trailers came like two hours of ads you usually see on TV. However, they did have an extended version of Pepsi’s x-mas polar bear ad- which I liked- the others were just crap.


MI: III- looks pretty bleah…MI2 had moments of brilliance but I consider it John Woo’s worst film (although I hear it was not his final cut- a director’s cut of MI2 should be interesting to watch…poor Dougray Scott- you could have been a headliner by now!)…I’ll eventually see this for two reasons: JJ Abrams and Maggie Q. The Cruise apparently chose him as a director after seeing the first two seasons of Alias- and I’d agree with him- they’re pretty good, the best actually of Alias’ run. One wonders what would happen if the Cruise decided to watch 24 or BBC’s Spooks instead…as for Maggie Q- another HK actress tries out for Hollywood- hope this works out for you…she’s been in some ‘interesting’ movies- they’re not actually great films, but Naked Weapon is a guilty pleasure of mine…just stay away from Gen-Y Cops.

Miami Vice: It actually looks good. I have no fond memories of the TV show, but this looks to be a serious crime drama albeit in a sensationalistic setting (hence the title). This might be the best TV-to-Movie interpretation as of yet…

The Da Vinci Code: I don’t know about this one- I never bothered with the book. Instant literary blockbusters never really gelled with me- especially one so…Christian.
Christian Myth is an interesting topic- especially when you get to the bits in between the pages of the bible- like what happened to Chuy during the missing years, if he had siblings and was Magdalene really his lover? Maybe I’ll rent it when it comes to DVD.

Some Movie with Clive Owen, Denzel and Jodie Foster: Forgot the title already. And Denzel really should just go Madonna and just go by his first name. But this looks to be another crime/thriller with some really good actors. Clive really should have been the next Bond- but happily he doesn’t need to…personally I think the Bond Franchise should lay low until the war on terror is over. Cartoon Terrorists just aren’t as interesting anymore. And Jodie is just the most adorable MILF out there (doesn’t hurt that she has a passing resemblance to Holly). I really dug Contact- mostly due to her performance (assisted by my interest in astronomy). She’s been doing thrillers lately- but then again, her most famous role was in a thriller. Good for her that like Clive, she doesn’t have to be Clarice just to have a career…

There were more trailers- but after 4 hours of trailers, I was about to scream SHOW US THE STUPID MONKEY ALREADY!

That and I have short term memory…

Best of 2005

Picture of Holly after her Filiponizing operation...worked well, don't you think. It was her Christmas present to me...

Nah, Just kidding...


Well, it’s that time of the year when critics start to put out their TOP 10 LISTS of the year or something. Well, I’m gonna be original and do the same. Except I can’t think of 10 things to put on a specific list so, here’s my things that I liked/disliked about 2005. I know there’s still a couple of days left in the year and this might be premature- but what the fuck…

On with the show…
BEST MOVIE: Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki

Awesome, just awesome. Didn’t really care for the book- but the movie, dammit- just blew all expectations out of the water. I have fallen behind as an anime fan- but Miyazaki transcends the medium and is just a great filmmaker. One wonders why he’s never ventured into live action film- then one realizes reality is too constricting for a mind like his. Like all his movies, I can watch this over and over again…

Runner ups-

Kung Fu Hustle: Happy that Stephen Chow stopped making seven movies a year and concentrates his energy into one every couple of years or so. The wait sucks but the results are spectacular. Not what you’d expect after Shaolin Soccer and at the same time exactly what you’d expect. Stupid dichotomies…but anyway- love Chow’s underdog characters. If the ever does American cinema, I’d like to see him do a live action remake of A Charlie Brown Christmas…

Star Wars: Episode III: A pure Star Wars movie. Eps I & II had moments but ultimately weren’t Star Wars movies…Episode I- I only watch the Darth Maul bits, Episode II- I fast forward the romance bits, which is a 3rd or more of the movie…Episode III, I can watch the whole thing over and over again. Happy that it’s over though…because any more would just lower the entire franchise than it already has after the first two prequels. Although I’d love to see Side Stories, a Rosencrantz & Guildenstern take on the stories or back stories on the characters like the rumored young Yoda kicking Sith ass. They didn’t have to be theatrical movies too, although I’d like to see other directors take on the universe. Spielberg doing the Yoda bit, Tsui Hark doing a Knights of the Old Republic bit, John Woo doing a smuggler’s story (we never did see smugglers in the prequels), A Wong Kar Wai bit on Anakin & Padme’s forbidden romance, Tim Burton on the citizens of the lower levels of Coruscant and the list goes on and on and on…personally, I’d love to see Chow Yun Fat as the Jedi who trained Yoda

Serenity: Love to have seen the story’s end and not told through novels and/or fan fiction.

House of Fury: Flawed and ultimately forgettable but dammit- the kung fu is cool! Like old HK films that are similarly flawed and forgettable, this movie has a SCENE that rises above the movie and on a cold day, you fast forward just to see that scene- here it’s of an unassuming blonde white boy who’s constantly playing his game boy and all of a sudden he picks up a staff and kicks Anthony Wong’s ass…it’s cool I tells ye…

Initial D: I never finished watching the anime or even read the first volume of the manga…but this movie rules (from the makers of Infernal Affairs- my favourite trilogy of HK films). The best racing film there ever will be…even Holly liked it!

Land of the Dead: George Romero zombie movies rule!

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: I enjoyed this more that I thought I would- but then again, Douglas Adams does kick ass…I actually don’t want to see a theatrical sequel because he won’t be involved in them…

Corpse Bride: this is the Tim Burton I know and love…too bad the Danny Elfman songs sucked

Good but not great-

Fantastic Four: I’m a Marvel Zombie for life, but the ending annoys me. They made Dr Doom lame and the Thing at the end of the movie was off character.

Batman Begins: I didn’t even see this in theaters- but then again, I’ve seen Batman in theaters before so there…but this is the best live action Batman movie (until the sequel to this comes out). Katie Holmes isn’t even that nice to look at and she bugs, the Batsuit seemed wrong and in the end they are on the verge of making batman too invincible…at least he’s not an ass like he is in the current comics. But I love his characterization and portrayal, I enjoyed Jim Gordon and made me want to read Batman: Year One again.

Sin City: Speaking of Frank Miller…great to see, but they’re just replicas of the books I love and the source material is always the best…

King Kong/Constantine: Because it could have been so much better…but there are pieces in both movies that I just love.


Best CD:
Matter and Form- VNV Nation

Best Show:
Matter & Form Tour- VNV Nation
Runner Up:
Depeche Mode’s Playing the Angel Tour

Best Comic Book (tie):
Runaways (Marvel)/ Streetfighter (Udon)- there are better books with better writers and artists out there, but these two books have never disappointed me. Runaways is the kind of comic book I fell in love with growing up, the kind I can read in ten minutes and will immediately read again after the initial read. And the book is never late too (hope I don’t jinx it…)
Streetfighter is for my nostalgic love of sucking at the game- because I was more interested in the images and the character back stories. And Chun Li- who doesn’t love Chun Li?

Runner up:
Anything by Warren Ellis- the guy is just insane.

Best Real Book:
Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman- A different creature than American Gods- which threw me off at first, but became lost in the story and wanted more after the last page. I’m Fat Charlie Nancy Dammit!
Runners up:
Private Wars by Greg Rucka and Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince by a rich British chick- I actually haven’t finished Private Wars, but I have a fond spot for the Queen & Country series. As for Harry Potter- it’s more of a good but not great thing- I’m disappointed that I didn’t miss anything by skipping the fifth book ( I read a third of it then got bored…). As for Book 6, the now familiar structure of the book tempted me to throw it out as it got too predictable (Harry & the Dursleys, first day at Hogwarts, Quidditch matches etc, etc…). But Harry’s love woes (nice to see him getting over his yellow fever), mystery of the Half Blood Prince (so he IS a bad guy!) and Dumbledore’s fate intrigued me enough to finish the book. The se7enth looks to throw the structure off- but we’ll see…

24: the non-stop fourth season just kicked my ass! I re-watching it on DVD and enjoying it as much as I did during the broadcast run.
Runner up:
Enterprise and Alias- Loved Enterprise’s love letter to the original show and would have loved to have seen it continue…although I also have no qualms about giving Star Trek a rest for now…As for Alias- I hated this season during the broadcast run- but DVD changed my mind, although it’s still not perfect…happy that this season is the last…

Thing that I’ll miss the most:
Southern California.

Thing I love most about Austin:
That the city is still new to me and there’s still tons of exploring for me to do. That and Half-Price Bookstores…

Thing I hate most about Austin:
The music scene here actually sucks, the fact that most bands I like don’t come anywhere close to here to play but most of all- TRAFFIC! Hell for me is anything Sisyphean- and stop and go traffic is just that and I am forced to endure this everyday.

Worst Day/s of the Year:
When I left California to go to Texas. Wouldn’t have been so bad if I had flown or if someone else did the driving…
Runner up:
My last day at Casa Pacifica.

Best Day of the year:
Any day with Holly…all together now-AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW………………….I'd love her if she was he, that's how strong my love for her is dammit!

Bah Humbug- it's Tuesday!


Well, that Christmas break sure didn’t feel like one…dammit- did three days just go by?


PS: Five months to the day in Texas and three at my current job…at least it wasn’t a white Christmas over here as they threatened last week

My Christmas stash: Two sweaters, two scarves and a bag of candy.

Christmas Movie Viewing:

King Kong- ultimately flawed… Don’t go if you’re expecting the Lord of the Rings. This should have been a trilogy- two hours focusing on the Venture’s crew as they head into the unknown, three hours on Skull Island and a final two hours about Kong and Ann in New York. Lots of cool moments but the pieces just don’t gel as a movie. It’s best when it’s about the title character and his blonde beloved. Not to say that the stuff with the giant bugs and V-Rexes aren’t cool. Some forced sentimentality- never a good thing. The three hours were too short and too long at the same time. Too long to sit through and too short for it to be a movie I’d happily recommend…bring on the 7 hour director’s cut!

2 stars out of 5

Muppet Christmas Carol- a good honest interpretation of Dicken’s tale. Love the Hecklers. (4 stars)

Madagascar- Better than expected. Ali G is funny… (3 stars)

Mr & Mrs Smith- also better than expected. A very visual movie- not that it’s all just nice cinematography but the story is told mostly though pure images with no reliance on dialogue. In fact, if you take out ALL the dialogue- you’d still have a pretty complete story. (4 Stars)

Gargoyles Season 2 Part 1- AWESOME! I could watch these over and over again. Minor gripe: The animation quality varies from episode to episode. An ep like Out Of the Shadows showcases high quality moving pictures that wouldn’t look out of place on the big screen while other eps had animation that looked like I drew it…if the stories weren’t so strong, it’d be distracting- but the stories overpower the weak animation so you don’t really notice unless you look for it. (4.5 stars)

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear- Cheesy fun…but that’s about it. Kelly Hu is nice to look at. (2.5 stars- the extra .5 is for Miss Hu)

What Would Leon Do?


An old friend named Marley visited the me today and told me to expect three visitors tomorrow night…then we did a rendition of ‘No Woman, No Cry’…

And apparently, it’s the most wonderful time of the year or something…bah-humbug!

This is bullshit: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4555152.stm , a film banned from the Foreign Film categories for the Oscars just because the film was in English…for the record though- Singapore is a place where English is spoken widely and makes sense that a movie made there would be in English.

Ai yah- they’re changing things so Californians may have to pay more for car insurance: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-insure23dec23,0,5806247.story?coll=la-home-headlines THIS SUCKS!

Short day at work today- then I’m off till the 27th . Holly’s working extra at the Mart tonight and tomorrow and I’m planning on seeing a movie if possible. Not sure what to see yet- actually some movies I want to see. King Kong is the most logical as it’s a movie made to be seen on the BIG screen. But I’m still intrigued by the new Harry Potter movie, the Chronicles of Narnia and especially Syriana or Munich. Gee, do I want to be entertained or do I want to see thought provoking images?

Holly’s planning on getting the Potter movie on DVD anyway and I’m kinda put off by the covert Christian symbolism of CS Lewis’ work (last night at the mall’s Christian book store- they had major stuff for it)…might be a rental later on. I’m currently intrigued by current world affairs- hence the interest in Syriana and Munich. Based on reviews- both movies present multiple viewpoints on the so-called war on terror.

Read a couple of reviews this morning on Munich- and they’re calling it Spielberg’s most dangerous movie lately. I haven’t really seen much of Spielberg’s recent movies- not even War of the Worlds. There’s too much sentimentality to his movies of late- Saving Private Ryan was destroyed by this- I hate, hate, hate the bookend pieces of that movie. The same with Schindler’s list- if the ending didn’t ruin it- it would have been a great film. And just from the ads- it seemed like AI, Amistad, the Terminal all seemed to seep with it. Wish the guy would go back to pulp film making although I think they should let the Indiana Jones movies rest and not make another one till a new director (Tsui Hark!) and a new actor can revisit the franchise and do something new with it.

Check out Peking Opera Blues for the best Spielberg film out there.

I also like the semi-secret making of Munich. How they didn’t really release much info about the film until it came close to coming out. Probably because Steve was still making the movie until not that long ago- I admire the last minute making of the movie, probably forced some creativity from him…

One thing I don’t like?

The poster for the movie.

Did they have to steal the idea/image from Infernal Affairs III?

Bow before the Chain Smoking Baby Panda!

The Lunch Time Blog is brought to you today by a CHAIN SMOKING BABY PANDA (CSBP)….now, on to the show!
CSBP thinks this blog is crap and shows too many pictures of Big Guys, movies, ugly animals and not enough of that the internet was invented for- hot babes! Face it tiger- you just hit the jackpot!

Article about mixed race couples at http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/news/2005-12-20-interracial-couples_x.htm. Just like Angry Asian Man says- the Asian man is underrepresented. CSBP is an Asian male and thinks this is bullshit! Where are my positive role models?! ARRGHHHHH…

Also from Angry Asian Man is this article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/12/20/AR2005122000291.html about the Filipino head chef at the White House. CSBP hopes she serves the Bush some raw Balut!

Flashback Lunch is playing the Pogues’ Holiday in New York song- for the fifth time in as many days…CSBP loves the Pogues- but is starting to hate the overplaying of the song! Built my dreams around you my ass!

Ah, Fuck, slow news day...

Big Louie's Secret

Recently taken picture of Big Louie reveals him for who he really is (take close attention to the eyes) - a grim herald and agent of DEATH! This picture was the last taken by a group of anthropology/Chicano Studies students on December 26th 2004 as they were vacationing/excavating a site in Thailand moments prior to the tsunami (what were they excavating? Well, recent studies point to a lost Mayan civilization in Thailand- some postulate the original Mayan Empire is actually located here hence making all Latin Americans an off shoot of Indo-Chinese cultures…apparently DEATH didn’t want this found out and sent her grim agent to destroy all evidence. It’s one big conspiracy/cover up- the tsunami…). This picture was proof emailed by a friend prior to getting squished and the reason I left So Cal was because DEATH found out and is now sending her agent to Austin in February to finish to job…

But that’s two months away, so I have time…

This Panel From Tom Tomorrow sums it all up...just like the bumper sticker said, when Clinton Lied, nobody died...

Listening to Danny Elfman’s score to Tim Burton’s first Batman movie. The music stands the test of time and I can listen to it over and over again- Danny Elfman at his most Wagnerian. Can’t say the same for the movie though- it feels very dated, but there are some images that I have fond memories of- when the Batmobile’s wheels stops spinning and the Bat Logo is there perfectly and when the Batwing flies up against the moon- all very iconic. The second Batman movie is better but I don’t consider it a comic book movie, I consider it a Tim Burton Movie…I don’t really care for those Batman movies anyway…The new Batman movie is much better although they’ll never get the suit right…although elongate the ears and maybe find a way to make the eyes completely white and they’ll be there.

Best Batman ever though (including books, movies and television): the portrayal in the Batman: The Animated Series by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. Those are classic and is Batman whenever I think of Batman…plus I have a fond spot for Harley Quinn. Batman Beyond is a close second- the old Bruce Wayne is still the real deal and Terry is just his puppet.

I don’t like Batman in the current comics though- too much of an ass and they made him too invincible/invulnerable. I’d like to see him taken down a notch or two…

24 Spoilers at http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=22065 . DAMMIT! I’m gonna miss the opening night, but for a good reason. Holly and I are going to be at a function with the cast of Veronica Mars…we, got a personal invitation from Kristen Bell. BUT DAMMIT-WHO DIES? WHO DIES?! Stupid Spoilers just make me want to watch it even more…

You better watch out...

Cuz Big Louie will be in Austin in February. To prepare the locals, here's a sketch from his last sighting.

Missing So Cal, except for the puppy smugglers...

I will always miss driving this stretch of highway...

Just found out that one of the attorneys here went to Pepperdine and still has contacts with the promised land of Northridge. And today at work has dealings with Thousand Oaks and Woodland Hills. Why does home continually haunt me?

Eh, puppy smugglers in California: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-puppy21dec21,0,3289445.story?coll=la-home-headlines . People pay $300-$2000 for these dogs when there are ones dying in shelters…plus the horrible conditions they get brought in…AI YAH…but then again, who goes to swap meets to buy a dog? That’s asking for trouble right there buddy…

Just found out that composer Yoko Kanno is also the singer Gabriela Robin…weird- no wonder I never saw them together in the same place…

Currently listening to a Cure tribute album- from the liner notes: “No one wants to be eaten alive by spiders, but (the song) Lullaby not only puts that horror into words, it let you dance to it as well…”


And Chickens go Bok! Bok! Bok!
And Joe goes FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU to all the haters!

It's Big Louie! - here he is in his Holiday suit begging and pleading you all (not y'all- not that Texan) to be more this X-Mas than a money spending machine...
I hate this guy...

Mok! Mok! Mok!

The beautiful Karen Mok is in HK doing a version of Rent: http://www.thestandard.com.hk/news_detail.asp?pp_cat=18&art_id=7595&sid=5871034&con_type=1 . She is awesome and I’ve enjoyed all of the movies I’ve seen with her in them. My fave: when she was uglied up in Stephan Chow’s God of Cookery.

DVD/Movie of the Day: Serenity (hope it's not sold out later when I go out to find it...)
Happy to see this in the theater (almost didn't, waited till 3 weeks after it came out). Love the Deaths, the action, the whole seems-longer-than-two-hours-but-didn't-feel-like-it (feels like an entire season's worth of story). Saw the entire cast and Joss a couple of years ago at a thing. Should have kidnapped them then...

Continuing my re-watch of the 4th season of 24 on DVD and just finished the first 12 episodes. Damn, it’s a good show- and the 11th show has an interesting bit: the first time Jack takes a break and uses the bathroom! Well, at least a break- we don’t really see what room he goes into and he’s in it really quick…also the 11th episode showcases the great acting of Alberta Watson-her great reaction to discovering her recently deceased (and annoying) daughter was very real (to me at least)…I first had reservations when it was announced she was joining the show (I enjoyed her performance on La Femme Nikita) but her 12 episodes on 24 was pretty cool. Hope to see her again in the 5th season (unlikely). And Speaking of LFN- I wonder if they’ll ever bring in Peta Wilson? I wonder if they even can- I’d love to find out that LFN & 24 are in the same universe…heh, heh, be cool if Syd was ‘killed’ in the last episode of Alias and made into an agent of the Section.

In my world, it’s one shared universe yo…and the secret runner/man-in-charge of CTU, APO, the Section and all of these secret spy organizations would be an elder James Bond as portrayed by Sean Connery- how do you like them apples…

Secret Spy Organizations- is that a redundancy?

Seen in the cafeteria on a refrigerator magnet: “Unlike PC’s, women can reject a 3 inch floppy.”

Which explains my life…

They’re playing the extended remix of When in Rome’s Promise song on the flashback thingy- I love this song…especially the remix

New HK film about Journey to the West entitled A Chinese Tall Story. I wanna see this film: http://www.mmail.com.my/Current_News/MM/Tuesday/Entertainment/20051220114114/Article/index_html . Check out the Chinese Oddesey movies with Stephan Chow or the American Lost Empire for similar treats as well as the anime Saiyuki. I, myself am the reincarnated Monkey King.

Pythons and Car Doors


Check out the picture- it’s of a python found in the everglades that was found dead after eating a gator that burst from its stomach! From the National Geographic website- which explains that pythons are like me- Asian and not native to Florida (like my sister). But of course, white men like their Asian pets (like my brother in law- just kidding!). But unlike my brother in law (who still likes my sister- I think, I haven’t heard from them in a couple of years…) when they stop liking them or they get to big, they stupidly release them to the wild and now Asian pythons are upsetting the natural ecological balance and are apparently powerful enough to hunt and kill an apex predator like gators.

Ai Yah…

Another rant: yesterday was a good day until the inside handle for my car’s driver side door broke and now I have to slide in to my car Dukes Of Hazzard style. I wonder how much it’s gonna cost me to fix this…hopefully not too much since I have an older car (1991) with an normal car door and not one of those schmancy-fancy beep-beep car doors. I wonder if it CAN even be fixed…pisses me off just thinking about it.

Ai Yah…

Lunch Musings

Pic of me in my younger days with my family...

Hmmmm….Top Ten Lists are starting to pour into the web- mostly 10 Worst Lists. I should have my own soon Top 10 list thing…

Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!?????????? They edited the Region 1 Release of Kung Fu Hustle? Read about it at http://www.dvdactive.com/editorial/articles/kung-fu-hustle-region-1-cuts.html , at least they didn’t cut anything that would have changed the viewing experience- just some blood and stuff- and I really didn't need to see a guy taking a crap anyway...

Interview with the modern king of kung fu, Jet Li: http://angryasianman.com/extra2005-10-11.html. I admire this guy- especially after reading he went to Tibet to help build a school and stuff. I wonder how he got in there…and especially interesting is his take of the tsunami…

PS: Merry Christmas to you too, Big Louie.

Katrina's Pets

Interesting Pics from the National Geographic Site...they are now allowing the abandoned animals of Katrina to be adopted.
I like the last pic the best.
The Middle pic- a dead guy being eaten by a pooch!
Hope he wasn't filipino- then it's be poetic justice!

Godzilla: Final wars & Sin City (but not the movie) reviewed


Well, hello again and happy Monday…

Weekend just seem to fly by again.

Oh, well…

Finally saw Sin City this weekend- although not the movie, I saw the three separate stories on their own. That’s how I read the books, and wanted to see how they held up- pretty good I would say. About 98% of the story, look and feel is retained with some slight alterations/omissions. The stories feel like a contemporary Raymond Chandler piece (of which genre Miller was playing with in the first place) and the look/ way the actors were felt like a movie made in the 40’s/50’s. The only thing that bugged me was the short piece The Customer is Always Right: the short is okay but this was made longer as to wrap/envelop the movie version. At the end the chick from Gilmore Girls is apparently escaped the battle at The Big Fat Kill, goes to a hospital, gets checked out and is on her way out and encounters Josh Harnett’s character. She uses a cell phone that is way out of place with the whole vibe of the movie and the look of the piece is the only place in the movie that isn’t reminiscent of Frank Miller. Mostly because it’s a piece of story he never drew but I thought they could have done more to make it feel like his art. They’re threatening original Sin City stories for the sequel- and I hope they do a better job of capturing Miller’s work if they do.

My take: 4 out of 5

Also this weekend’s viewing- GODZILLA: FINAL WARS. The movie is loud, bombastic, stretching and requires no thought to watch. It’s also a lot of fun. There’s martial arts, aliens and of course- rubber monster suits. There’s online hatred for the movie because the green guy is secondary to the story and he is- it focuses on the humans. But these are Michael Bay humans- they’re as rubber as the big green guy. The movie seems to pay homage to late 70’s Godzilla movies- especially with Gigan and King Caesar in it as well as Minilla (when I described Minilla to Holly- she was wondering why a kaiju was named after the capital of the Philippines) and non-imaginative kaiju such as a big lobster, spider and mantis.
Anyway- the American Godzilla vs the REAL Godzilla is a highpoint and appropriately only lasting all to two seconds as our guy beats the crap out of the imposter. Another highpoint was the realization of who the mysterious kaiju at the end turned out to be. King vs King I tells ya.
No complaints about this one- leave your brain at the door, talk during the movie, turn the sound up and have fun.

My take: 5 out of 5 (but I’m biased- Godzilla justs kicks ass)

The Dog that needs to be saved

Save me...

From my email:

(The puppies the other day turned out to be a mean hoax- but this isn’t…hope whoever started the hoax though is gonna have a horrible Christmas this year…)

From: "West, Karen" 12/16/2005 12:18 PM >>>
Can someone make a Christmas miracle happen for this dog today?

Poor Buster. After 12 years of loyalty and love, his family dumped him
at the Town Lake Animal Center to die a sad and lonely death. This
sweet and gentle senior has a deadline of TODAY, Friday, December 16.

Adoption: 972-6045.

Subject: Buster-12 years old and dumped by family-not a happy holiday

Buster-what a heartbreaker.

This gentle, german shepherd mix boy was left at TLAC due to his family
moving. Buster is 12 years old-there aren't many folks that come to
TLAC to adopt 12 yr old shepherds.

Right now everyone wants puppies and kittens-'tis the season you know.
Anyway, this big galoot, about 55 pounds is a doll-gentle, easy going,
likes kids and adults.
Buster was a primarily outdoor dog during his twelve years with this
family. He has a few years left and certainly doesn't look to be 12
years old.

Buster is currently in pen 165, his TLAC id# is 236841. See his sweet

If you can help this nice boy, contact TLAC by Friday December 16th. We
just need an answer by then, he doesn't have to leave on Friday.

Interested adopters, contact the adoption office at 512-972-6045-(Do not
contact rescue if you are interested in adopting)

Thanks for helping the animals.
Kathryn Sharp TLAC Rescue Office

Ai, putang, salamat nah that it's biernes, na...


It’s finally Friday.

Thank Buddha.

More hate for 101X- and how they censored the Nail’s 88 Lines about 44 Women- did they have to make it so obvious. They should just do a big BEEP whenever something they feel is offensive is coming up. I’ve heard the song on other stations before and their censoring of the song is either unnoticeable or they just leave the material untouched.


So, why don’t I listen to other radio stations? Well, all the other local stations here suck worse, at least the 101X has a flashback lunch although songs from the 90’s are now flashbacks and lately I only listen to the station during my lunch break and listen to CD’s the rest of the day…

But now, they’re Nitzer Ebb…a band I thought was called the Knights Arab when I first heard of them…

Ahhh….old school industrial music- how minimalist it was…

PS: The undisputed master and ruler of the world wanted to blog today (and he will return) but I managed to distract him by rubbing his belly and offering him some chicken.

I am the Champion!

Catterpillarboy has the day off- todays' blog is done by the Champion who was rescued from a third chance shelter and now secretly rules the freakin' world. Don't kill animals just cuz they were born or you don't wnat them anymore. Obey the Champion...

So it wasn’t Kerri Russell as the mysterious bad guy on ALIAS, it was Lena Olin- Syd’s mother…hmm…interesting episode, weird kind of semi-clip show showcasing moments from her life- love the moment from the second episode. The Champion thinks this show has gone to shit and only watches because he show will end soon and how it ends intrigues him...

It’s Thursday...the Champion wants it to be Friday already. He rules the world. But the days of the week continue to defy him!


I’d also like to express my hate for Modern Rock radio stations…all the bands sound alike- which is not a bad thing really- but do they have to keep playing the same setlist over and over and over and over and over again? The Champion is a Goth/Industial Cat Ruler of the World- everyone must listen to the music he listens to!

(Ai yah…)

Kung Fu Hustle was nominated for a Golden Globe. The Champion willed it to be and it has happened. Stephan Chow is the Champion's Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As are all of you.

You need more Golden Retrievers in your life...


I don’t like the DJ for the flashback lunch on 101-X, the local KROQ wannabe…I mean he plays goon selections but a listener called in requesting “Catch” from the Cure and he plays Lovecats instead…


From my email (forwarded by a somone who works in my building- just look at the pics!):

Do you know anyone looking for Golden Retriever puppies?

Here's the contact info:

If you're interested, or if you know anyone who would like a free Golden
Retriever puppy, contact Mrs. Gaëlle Wenger at

If they do not get adopted, these puppies will unfortunately have to be put
down. Thanks.

I can’t have dogs in my apartment but there are seven of these adorable puppies- please someone save them…

Bush is a dumbass and admits it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4528982.stm . Well, not really but still…He said: "Saddam was a threat, and the American people and the world is better off because he is no longer in power." Yeah- another Afghanistan has just been built.

Oh yeah- the last Alias till March is on tonight with a cameo by Vaughn and Felicity...the circle is now complete.

Hump Day- so lets...


The weather has actually been comfortable these past few days…in the 70’s as opposed to being in the 30’s, warm enough to not wear socks or long sleeve shirts in the apartment. Too bad it’s not going to last- we start getting colder today and we should be below freezing again by next Monday. Sigh…

Been busy at work lately. At the end of last month, people told me that December is usually the slowest month due to the holidays- either this is an aberration or I’m in for a really busy next year.

The return of captain Kirk: http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=22021. Mixed feelings about this- But hope it’s just a rumor…although a proper send off film for the Next Gen cast is due although I did enjoy Nemesis. Either that or a galaxy spanning story that involves all the different shows including DS9. The sixth movie is still my favourite one and was an awesome send off for the OG cast.

Check this out- fobs in show business: http://www.philippinenews.com/news/view_article.html?article_id=a28257d7bf4ed334046ab6251681e137. Never saw Biker Boys but did the fob brothers need to named Philly and Flip? Didn’t know Nia Peeples was one of us too- and there’s no way in hell that Prince will admit he’s of dog eater descent. Didn’t know about Dean Devlin either- but I don’t need him to be one of us- he ruined Godzilla for American audiences…

Speaking of which- Godzilla: Final Wars is sold out everywhere and I didn’t get a copy. Dammit! Never underestimate the big green guy…

Been slowly watching the 4th season of 24- if you’ve never seen this show, watch the first 10 minutes of the 6th episode- it’s a perfect little 10 minute action movie.

Oh, yeah- Tookie Williams was executed. Too bad…http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4523502.stm

Neil Gaiman is in London doing pre-production work on the Stardust movie…I love the book and hope they don’t screw it up. Despite liking the Neverwhere show I don’t really have a huge desire to see his printed works made into movies- they just played so well in my head that there’s always bound to be some disappointment. Now for Mirrormask, Neverwhere and the upcoming Beowulf movie it’s different as they were all made to be filmed first…

Plus stupid ramblings online about Superman’s crotch for the upcoming movie. So stupid I won’t bother putting up the link.

Short Bitz


Just saw that Christmas is already next weekend. The next thing you know, it’ll be 10 years later, I’ll be 38 and will be wondering what the hell happened the past decade…

Crips founder and Nobel peace prize nominee, Tookie Williams is going to be excuted at midnight: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-court12dec12,0,6444358.story?coll=la-home-headlines unless the Governator does something really Hollywood and grants him amnesty at 11:59pm. "We recycle plastic, we recycle glass — so why throw away a human life when it's been made into something useful?" asked Carma Helzer, the mother of another inmate (from the article).

Another reason humans suck: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4520104.stm Pollution is making Orcas toxic. I love this quote: “However, WWF says it fears pressure from the chemicals industry could lead to any new laws being so watered down that they will protect neither the environment nor human health.”

That is what you call a no win situation.

Plus- giant fish: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/06/0629_050629_giantcatfish.html. They couldn’t keep it alive, so what the hell, let’s just eat it.

Yet another week begins...say it together now, "AI YAH!"


Ai Yah, it’s Monday again…

Actually met some real ‘goth/industrial’ people at a Hot Topic of all places (most of the Hot Topic staff to my experience are posers- not that there’s anything wrong with that- I’m pretty much a poser)…but apparently these people run the scene here in Austin. When they said I should check out their site www.darkaustin.com because they run it I was really surprised because it’s one of the first things I checked out when I moved to this burg. But it’s really nice to talk to strangers about things like good places to buy CD’s and bands that no one really knows about…plus it’s enlightening to know that the city still has hope as bands that I like do once in a while do pop in every now and then…just hope that they come here more than once and not get discouraged that the scene here is a bit…small. And stuck in the late 80’s/ early 90’s (again- nothing really wrong with that- just makes things a bit repetitive- that’s all)

It was a bit warmer this weekend (not enough to stop me from bitching and complaining but it did get warmer). If winter is more like this, I can cope. Apparently, last week it didn’t get much higher than freezing most days. Ai yah…

Anyway, actually saw the Ansel Adams exhibit this weekend at the Ransom. Very cool (just wish we didn’t get lost finding it and only having 30 minutes to view 150+ photos). Was surprised to see pictures of people and cityscapes- thought he was just a nature boy (Holly’s the one with a BFA in photo, not me…). His prints are like Geoff Darrow’s artwork- on closer look there’s tons of little detail that you can just examine for hours.

Saw Sky High last week- the Superhero homage, not the Japanese flick that I have yet to see. Decent movie with an 80’s inspired/ripped-off soundtrack. But the highlight for me and the reason I saw it was for the money shots of CSUN’s Oviatt library which served as a major set piece. I used to live across the way from that place. Nice to see home…

Anyway, more later. Today’s playlist:

Metropolis 2005 sampler

Solitary EP-VNV Nation

Nihil- KMFDM

12 inch singles- Ministry

Punk Goes 80’s

Stand Alone Complex OST 2

I'm calling this period of my life the New Ice Age


Didn’t go to work yesterday- the car was an igloo, roads were slick with ice and the news just kept reporting car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident after car accident…well you get the idea.

My past bitching and moaning about ice on my car…that was nothing compared to yesterday- the ice I found previously was just a light frosting. The car was covered in a clear layer of ice about a quarter of an inch at its thickest. Holly’s car doors were frozen shut. I tried about an hour to chip the ice off but gave up since it was just taking too long and cuz it was just too cold. There were icicles hanging from my car!

Holly took pictures and we’ll post them as soon as we get them developed (we’re traditionalists when it comes to cameras).

So, at 11am, after trying, freezing and getting intimidated at all the news reports of car accidents, traffic delays aplenty- I gave up called work and said screw it. I’m staying home. So took a hot shower, went back to bed and watched movies and wrote X-mas cards the rest of the day.

The warmest it got the past two days was in the low 30’s- just above freezing. There was still ice on my car this morning as I left for work.

I miss So Cal.

In which I talk about nothing drastically important (althought Pinter has some good points)and post some links


They’re playing the Proclaimers’ 500 Miles song on the Flashback lunch…more memories of high school…but not Benny & Joon- I never saw that movie.

Harold Pinter hates Bush (the Dubya kind): http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4505874.stm
I have to say that I agree with him...

GO to http://www.24day5.com/ and be part of the greatest show in history! I think every show should have a spin off done 24 style. Being the trekkie, I’d love to see Starfleet’s CTU in action…PS: a 24 T-shirt would be great for Christmas, hint, hint, http://www.24fanclub.com/listProducts.do;jsessionid=4E1C1E485E6A097DD7339A5DB255363B?categoryID=10

Read this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/12/06/AR2005120601038.html about a woman who hires hitmen for cheese she thought were drugs.

Oh well…

DVD Shopping


Happy News today from Mel- look at previous post.

Now, time for more of my bitching and moaning- It’s still too freaking cold. Let’s all sing it together now- I’M NOT WISHING FOR A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s supposed to be below freezing by 7pm tonight.


Went DVD shopping yesterday after work- one of those days that have more releases that I want than money to spend…anyway- what I did get:

24 Season 4- My favourite show at the moment. The 4th season seems to be a pretty good primer on the series with the show totally changing course ever 6 eps or so. It also kicked ass- the first show I watched an entire season off while it was on the air. Totally nail biting and addictive. Love all the ‘DAMMIT’s, Chloe’s inability to interact with people (love the ep that ended with her and a gun), BHEEROOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, evil Chinese, Agent Castle (the Punisher!), the ep with the campers, various torture scenes, and the ending invoking the Hulk TV show. Saw the Season 5 prequel last night- way better that the Season 4 one…and there’s an awesome techo remix of the theme song there too as well. Love, Love this show…

Fantastic Four- not a perfect movie but a very good try. Doom was way off character, Reed was bland, the Invisible Woman was just eye candy, The Thing was great until the end when he became off character was well, however the Human Torch was spot on. Hoping that the sequel begins with rocks and fire in the sky, a bald guy with a giant head, the Surfer and ends with a glorious world saving battle with a giant guy in a purple suit. Galactus is the best FF Villain ever (sorry Doom). Now, either that or a movie with giant Kirby monsters- love to see a live action Fin Fang Foom.

Clone Wars Volume 2: Actually watched this too last night- like a good Star wars movie it had me rooting for some peripheral characters, particularly the Hammerhead Jedi & the 4-eyed Jedi that were with Shak-Ti. You knew both had to die- but their valiant effort in saving Palpatine made me wish that they had made it into the live version. I wonder if all Hammerheads can do the yelling thing or if his was force enhanced…

Muppet Christmas Carroll: Never seen this movie- hope I’m not disappointed. Old friend from high school Mike Micelli used to play the old guys from the Muppets and would crack me up. I collaborated with him on a one-act play in high school that brings back fond memories…

Lilo & Stitch- I had a $5 off coupon if I got it from Costco and I like this movie and especially the way they made the movie. The character designs are totally awesome and I love, love, love the watercolor backgrounds. I was never really good with watercolor- I’m not patient enough and I’m not really a fan of working with brushes.

What I didn’t get:

Gargoyles Season 2 & Batman: Animated Series Season 4: I couldn’t find Gargoyles and I’m willing to wait for the Batman one. Fond memories of both shows- love the enlarged mythology of Gargoyles and can’t wait to watch the Hunter episodes again…as for Batman, this is the season with the new streamlined designs and where the skies are yellow at night and red at night. Love the design on this show (Bruce Timm is a genius- now how about working on a Marvel Toon?)

Today’s Play List:

Unicorn- Apoptygma Bezerk

Flock of Seagulls Remixes

Punk Goes 80’s

Asian Grooves

The 24 Soundtrack

Retro- KMFDM

Best of Bowie

Disidencia Inquerantable- Hocico

Gongrats Mel & Mike


Congratulations to my good friend Mel and her husband Mike who just introduced to this world a pretty little thing named Chloe, born on December 2, 2005 at 3:45 p.m. She weighed in at 7lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 inches in length.

Wow- the next generation is here.

In which my true birth mother is revealed...


They’re playing the song STARS by the band Hum on the Flashback Lunch …haven’t heard it in ages. Brings a smile to my face. Except the DJ says it from 1996 and as usual he’s wrong- I remember that song from high school dammit!

Ice on the car again this morning- but I have a proper scraper to get off the windshield now.

I don’t want it to be cold anymore…

Michelle Yeoh is my mom; she says so in this interview http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/12/04/PKGSAFV8KE1.DTL . Okay, maybe she didn’t say that- she just implies it. I forgive you Mom…but it’s sad to hear that your Production Company has shut down- I liked The Touch and Silverhawk. We’ll talk it over during Christmas dinner…gotta tell you though mom, you, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li still don’t look Japanese…but tell them I said hi

Today’s Play list- same as yesterday except for:

Asian Groove- Various

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ST

The Best of Morrissey

Free Tookie (or not- just don't kill him)


Urge you guys to read Big Louie’s blog (http://sinfronteras.blogspot.com/ ) latest entry of his plea to the Governator of California to spare Tookie Williams from the death penalty. Tookie was the founder of the Crips and was convicted in 1981 for murdering 4 people. Since then he’s spent his life behind bars writing books, being an anti-gang advocate and was even nominated for the Nobel peace prize. I believe that he deserves to remain behind bars but not put to death. His accomplishments have tuned many a youth away from that lifestyle and just the fact that he turned his life around is also should be considered. I believe there’s a movie about his life out there and of course- his books are out there as well.

You can email the governator at governor@governor.ca.gov and give him your thoughts but do it before 12/13/2005 because that’s the date of his execution. Learn more at http://www.latimes.com/news/local/valley/la-me-williams5dec05,1,475143.story?coll=la-editions-valley&ctrack=1&cset=true which includes a bad ass pic of Tookie’s fro…

Interview with Alexander Siddig at http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=interviews&id=5258 . Nice to see this guy get more work- he was really cool as Dr. Bashir on DS9- although I originally thought he was of Indian descent not middle eastern (PS: he’s related to they guy who was in Clockwork Orange!). Funny to hear how Oliver Stone didn’t hire him based on the fact that he was in a Star Trek show. Also funny how ten years ago when DS9 was on his race was not an issue for his character- nowadays unfortunately it will be (not that I’ve seen him in other productions other than DS9 or MI-5). It’ll be interesting to see his portrayal of the historical Hannibal (especially since he’s a pretty skinny guy and his Bashir was kinda femme). Required viewing: the DS9 episodes where his genetic enhancements were revealed, the one where he plays a faux James Bond and the eps of his dealing with Starfleet’s CIA (also his MI-5 episode).

Supposed to get colder this week (in the 20’s and a chance of sleet). Not looking forward to driving on ice. I’ve been in Canada in the winter as well as Alaska during Christmas- the coldest I’ve been out was when visiting the Anchorage Zoo when it was minus 20 degrees. Also bizarre to see such warm climate creatures such as camels in the heavy show. They did have the most awesome tiger there- really cool orange against the white and lying about like he was the true master of his domain and the cold didn’t bother him. But pretty sad was an enclosed and lone elephant. There was some issue regarding this elephant a while back- I think they were trying to get rid of him and get him back with others of his kind while those who wanted him to stay argued when the hell are you going to see another pachyderm in Alaska again (unless wooly mammoths make a comeback- which would kick ass…)

All things aside- I have no love for cold weather unless I’m at home in bed, under covers with Holly and just being lazy….sigh…it’s only going to get colder too…

Curious thing on the news this weekend: Austin prides itself as being a very literate and leaned city- yet there’s a woman out there who wants to ban certain books from school libraries due her understanding that it teaches kids cuss words. Now, I know that kids love to seek out r-rated things and all but I hope nothing comes out of this- cuz next thing you know, we’ll be covering up images of Michelangelo’s sculpture of David’s lil peeper.

Heh, heh…I said peeper…

Today’s Play list:

Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack- Kenji Kawai: good but not great soundtrack, totally bizarre cantopop tune at the end

Punk goes 80’s- Various: heard this last night at Borders and bought it on impulse, some good covers but a there’s a totally horrible version of Just Like Heaven on it

You and me against the world- Apoptygma Bezerk: AKA the mainstream album- with more guitars than electronica…the Apop guy’s been wanting to break through to the mainstream for a long time and this is his latest effort to do so. Fans have hated it, but there are some good tracks here if you’re willing to give the guy a chance. That said, it is a weaker album (especially with a wannabe Korn song) and I hope he goes back to his industrial roots for his next album

Nihil- KMFDM: this one has the song Ultra that was used by Manga Video to promote their videos a while back. I love that song and find it totally appropriate that KMFDM use scenes from Patlabor in one of their Music Videos

Blue Sunshine- The Glove: for many Cure & Siouxsie, this album is an oddity and nothing but I love this album and would have liked to see what would happen if they made a second album. Robert Smith is including this in his Cure re-releases as a two disc set.

Bossanova- The Pixies: My fave album from this band. Made me want to wander the Arizona desert landscapes and research all the UFO references. Nice to see the band together again- now where’s the new album? Some of the magic seems to be gone though…what made them special was the myth of them never, ever getting back together again- how Frank Black and Kim Deal just wanted to kill each other. The same with Jane’s Addiction, Bauhaus, New Order (although they never officially broke up) and even for a while in the 90’s the Cure and Depeche Mode seemed done and over with. At least with New Order, they have the legend of Joy Division always looming over them and they don’t go on nostalgic world tours (even Tears For Fears did that). Now, all we need is for Morrissey and Johnny Marr kissing and making up so the Smiths can assault our ears again…although the one time I saw Morrissey he opened his show with How Soon Is Now? and a third of the show seemed to be Smiths songs.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Oingo Boingo back together again though…but Danny Elfman makes too much money making movies…a person I used to know once told me she met one of the Boingo dudes on a cruise heading up the house band.

There’s a life sized King Kong in New York: http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=21966
How weird is that?

Next- I wanna see the OG Godzilla life-sized in Tokyo…how cool would it be if Peter Jackson’s next project is Godzilla? I know he wouldn’t fuck that up…

Oh well…



Sat Jackie Chan’s the Myth this weekend. It’s a decent movie- the first 2/3’s of the movie is awesome but the last 1/3 ruins it by introducing an evil tomb raiding immortality seeking antagonist the fact that Jackie’s past life lover was still alive. It’s a better ‘serious’ role for Jackie than the one he played in New Police Story (which isn’t a bad movie- it’s just that Jackie seems to be trying to hard and Daniel Wu was annoying but I loved the homage to the previous Police Story movies). The Myth starts off with an engaging story of a man’s dreams of a former life and his search for clues to it but ends as another wannabe Indiana Jones movie (the ending is similar to Michelle Yeoh’s The Touch- another movie that started cool but ended horribly). The best part of the Myth for me was the Indian scenes and Mallika Sherawat who was only in the movie for 20 minutes max- but she is totally hot and I was hoping her character was the reincarnation of the Korean Princess…but she’s not (too bad she seems like just another Sorority bimbo in the extras). Since Jackie’s already talking sequel, I hope they expand her role and the whole India bit especially the loopholes of why Jackie’s past life character was there and why his sword and body were buried there when he died in China…the action in the movie is classic Jackie Chan (despite the obvious wires in some scenes and digital stuntmen). If you are going to just watch one scene in the movie, you gotta watch the glue factory scene- it had me laughing out loud and just plain admiring the creativity of what they were going to do next.

My take: 3 stars out of five

Also finally saw Stealth this weekend. It’s an okay movie- very summer movie-esque. The planes (and the plane scenes) were very ripped off from Macross (especially Macross Plus). The Talon design (and the way they were filmed) are reminiscent of Isamu Dyson’s YF-19. I half expected a Gerwalk configuration here and there. One of those movies where you can leave playing in the background if all you want is some background noise and some nice visual distraction while doing something else. The Biel is a cutie as always but didn’t have much to do in the movie but get lost in Korea and pine over being lonely. Jamie Foxx’s character died halfway through- they just should have merged his character with Josh Lucas’. The funniest bit was in the extras was when the director said he wanted to make a war movie with a message- hence the stopover in Thailand to show what peace is/should be. Yeah- whatever. The only message I got was that things blow up pretty and that speed rocks! Gotta mention though that Rob Cohen used to do more serious movies- with the Bruce Lee and the Rat Pack flicks under his belt.

My Take: 3 outta 5 (should have been 2 but I really like the wannabe Macross plane action)

Also listened to the Sini-Gang podcasts (well, two of them). If you’re looking for discussions of Filipino American issues in a thought provoking manner- look elsewhere. If you’re looking for just a bunch of guys recording what they normally talk about anyway and they just happen to be fobs- listen in. Kinda like the Stealth movie- except with less explosions and stuff. But I give them more than 3 stars because I will be back to listen to more casts later.

More later…till then, MAKE MINE MARVEL!

Strawberry Fields Forever


Happy story about a cat coming home at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4491716.stm Yes, since I’m a cat ‘owner’, I’m a sucker for these kinds of stories…love how the cat came back fatter...

It was 25 years ago today (well, give a day or six- but it’s in the news today) - John Lennon was killed by a coward. I’m not a huge fan of the Beatles (an ex of mine was a die hard fanatic) but it’s hard to dismiss their impact. Music today would be totally different with out them- we’d probably be all listening to big band music or folk. Their experimentations on music led to poppy three minute singles, 10 minute spacey jam sessions and probably even Goth. Love how on the Simpsons, that even Flanders admits that yes, they are bigger than Jesus.

And then there was Lennon and whose anti war efforts I totally admire. I like to ‘imagine’ the world today if he were still alive. I’d like to see if his anti war stance would have been different since his beloved New York City was attacked four years ago. I would like to think he would stand his ground and be the first to say that retaliation in kind is not the answer…

While we’re at it- when you get a chance pick up Siouxsie & the Banshees’ Nocturne album- their version of Helter Skelter (with the God known only as Robert Smith on guitars) will totally blow you away…

Speaking of war- we went to Vietnam on skewed intelligence as well: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4492190.stm

And speaking of the God known only as Robert Smith- from the BBC: Musicians including The Cure, Avril Lavigne and the Black Eyed Peas are covering songs by John Lennon for an Amnesty International fundraising album.
The compilation will be released next year, but the human rights charity will release some tracks early on 10 December to mark International Human Rights Day.
They include the Black Eyed Peas' version of Power to the People, The Cure's take on Love, Snow Patrol's version of Isolation and Grow Old With Me performed by The Postal Service.
Lennon's widow Yoko Ono said: "It's wonderful that, through this campaign, music which is so familiar to many people of my era will now be embraced by a whole new generation."
The site for the songs is: www.amnesty.org/noise

Today’s Play List:
I brought a CD-wallet to work so –too many to list but in the AM I’ve already listened to Dashboard Confessional, Bauhaus, Flock of Seagulls, OMD and Depeche Mode. In the PM, I hope to listen to some Siouxsie, Hocico, more Depeche, some KMFDM and probably the Akira soundtrack or the Macross Plus ones.
Now that I think of it, I see some similarities in myself compared to Mark David Chapman. He was fanatical with a certain band when he was younger and he worked with kids at the YMCA (I’ve been the world’s biggest Cure fan since my teens and my stint at Casa). Hmm…wonder if I’m gonna gun down Robert Smith later on? Then again, I was never a Jesus freak and Mary Poole never broke the Cure up so…Also, since I’ve never fired a gun I’d probably miss and just hit his rat’s nest of a hair do.

Oh NO! The Twins are splitting up! I wonder how many HK tweeners are gonna go commit ritual suicide over this. Personally, Gillian Chung is purty. Read it at http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-12/02/content_3867103.htm

Pics online also of Michelle Reis- a HK actress from the late 80’s/early 90’s. She’s still purty but she looks different than I remember: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-12/02/content_3867120.htm

Chinese Spy work in the US: http://news.yahoo.com/s/csm/achinaspy PS: I’m not Chinese- Don’t hate me…

Something to do when I get home- FOBs podcasting: http://www.sinigang.libsyn.com/

Spidey had his eye taken out and eaten by a bad guy (not willingly)…Now I’ll never read Spidey again- he used to be relatable but now he’s an Avenger…oh well, there’s still Ultimate Spidey… http://www.comicon.com/pulse/

Gonna mail in a short story to the Austin Chronicle for their short story contest this weekend- hopefully this will be the beginning of my career as a reclusive but stinking rich author...

Japanese of the day: "Omae wa shinigami desu-ka?" (are you the God of Death?)

Happy December


It’s December already…

Got paid today- weird getting paid every 1st of the month as opposed to every two weeks…but at least this time, I wasn’t scraping the bare bottom of my savings until the next paycheck…

Anyway, no ice today but it’s still cold. Looked for ice scrapers for the cars last night after work, went to three places and they were all out- apparently the City of Austin has bought them all out and the soonest they can get more is the end of the month. So all the city vehicles will be ice free whilst all the citizens drive mobile icebergs…

Another thing about the city- they just did the no-smoking-indoors law here like in So Cal. But now, they’re asking who is going to pick up all the ciggie butts that litter everywhere especially on Sixth Street where the more popular bars and clubs are since that’s become a problem since the law went into effect. Jeez, I don’t think they enforce their littering laws here…sixth street is in the middle of downtown, while you’re making sure the bar owners enforce the smoking policy you can’t bust a few litter bugs?


Interestingly, in what was once the hotbed of racism, South Africa has okayed fruits to tie the knot. Good for them. Read it at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4487756.stm

Today’s Play list:

Avalon Soundtrack- Kenji Kawai

Nocturne- Siouxsie and the Banshees

Retro- KMFDM

P0rn0grahy- The Cure

Unicorn- Apoptygma Bezerk

Plus- my favourite show returns: The fifth season of "24" premieres with a two-day, four-hour event Sunday, January 15th and Monday, January 16th at 8pm. The series air original episodes - no repeats - every week for the rest of the season in the Monday 9pm slot.

But BONES is gonna move to Wednesday nites where LOST will kill it…sigh…

It’s World AIDS day…read about it at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4489288.stm , the picture with girl carrying the “ABSTAIN” sign is funny…

Drink your pee and be healthy- http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/11/1121_051121_urine_video.html
I won’t be following this…
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